Battle Heroes: Live to Win

21 may

Time for Heroes!

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Highest win rate using a Tier X vehicle

XBOX: Abiotic Hollow had a win rate of 92.3%!
PS4: xXANTI-LOPEXx had a win rate of 86.9%!



FNX with 1,059!
-WA with 1,048!
-NS- with 1,031!
FAME- with 1,014!
F4RT with 1,006!


-U- with 1,127!
OZ with 994!
1R with 978!
MERCV with 977!
SK_TR with 977!

Q&A Heroes

Two part question. First, when is the HMH FV305 going to be sold by itself? Second, are you going to introduce a base version of the FV305?

Thanks for asking as I don’t see it in the schedule anywhere. I’ll make sure it’s added. No plans for a base version at this time. If there’s enough interest in a base tan UK version we could easily make that.

In an earlier stream this year, it was implied that Italy (and Poland by extension) won't be coming to console for a very long time. Is this because there will be console-exclusive nations released here in the meantime?

The main reason is that taking new nations means integrating the latest version of World of Tanks PC server into World of Tanks Console. These integrations can take months. Right now we’re integrating 9.20.1 which doesn’t contain those new lines yet. We will pick those up in the next version we update to, but that will still be a way out.

Any chance of making an event like the Lunar mode again but this time featuring hover-tanks?

Sure there is. I’m hoping we will have at least a couple brand new event modes for you to test out this year.

When are we getting a garage redesign? The old one is looking a little dull after staring at it for a few years.

Early this summer as we’re working on it right now. It is coming out really nice and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Does the new 'big' update include new sounds? For example, engine, gun, environment, etc.

Yes, engine sounds will be completely revamped for the next big update. They are in QA right now. Can you imagine having to listen to and test the sound changes on 500+ tanks?

Will we get an advanced warning of what will happen to the FV215b with the coming British update?

Yes, that will happen in our update to 9.20.1 later this summer.


Video Heroes

Shout-out to: ZOLIHUN78, Cellek_PL, Camelman Fin, WeezyCheez03, super_omega_aids, Spartan Elite43, xiverisx, IND00R MAN, BrogueOne, Mattbrit Force, Rubbelito, WeezyCheez03, Gallant Prime, and Blitzz_K_Qc.

Tank Heroes

Shout-out to: Mattbrit Force, Jope2209, and LadyTanker.