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14 may

Time for Heroes!

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Most times placed as the top XP earner on your team using a Tier X vehicle

XBOX: INSTINCT x NOVA came in the top spot in 99 battles!
PS4: norb174 showed their team how it's done in 113 battles!



GURZA with 1,165!
FNX with 1,092!
ADAPT with 1,057!
-NS- with 1,037!
S-H with 1,008!


TC_ with 1,024!
-VG- with 1,015!
-W- with 982!
UN with 979!
ALINA with 978!

Q&A Heroes

Back in June 2017, you said, “We are actually part way through the implementation of adding what we call custom Wiggly Bits to your tanks.” Could we get an update on this feature?

The first part of that work was custom flags we released late last year. Other attachments or wiggly bits as it were is still a long term project due to the amount of UI and Tank artist resources we need to complete it.

On Blitz you can pay some Gold to enrich your Tech Tree Tanks so it has Premium XP and Silver Benefits, does Console plan this for the future?

No current plans but worth exploring.

Is the Battle Royale mode ever coming to Console?

It’s quite possible once we upgrade to that version of the server but not for some time yet.

Could you tell us what each department is currently working on or hints to what the big items we can expect this year?

While I’m in charge of development, I have no say over when things are announced. That’s a completely different team in another office. Most of the team is focused on our next big release coming early summer. The rest of the team is working on the integration of 9.20.1 from PC for late summer. Sorry I can’t say more.

When could we see more HUD customization options such as new reticles to choose from?

For as long as that’s been on the wishlist, I’m sorry to say I don’t currently have a timeframe for it.


Video Heroes

Shout-out to: super_omega_aids, MustardScroll7, Blitzz_K_Qc, Spartan Elite43, BrogueOne, BoereJack, Menis M7, IND00R MAN, Rubbelito, Tw0PaCpR0, OnetB, and johnbuckeynut on Twitter.

Tank Heroes

Shout-out to: EatingCheese571, DARK STRIDE 917, Charlie Martell, Wakkomaster, Dgeneratio, PurkapileEric, and SPARTAN 1I7.