Battle Heroes: February Stars

8 mar

Time for Heroes!

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Q&A Heroes

Have there been any developments regarding custom wiggly bits? It was last mentioned that they would be added depending upon how successful the flags were. Might you be able to tell us if the wiggly bits were given the go ahead?

We have the tech build, now we need the UI, and to process the extra nodes on every tank. With the 9.20.1 upgrade currently underway, the tank team is busy converting more than 600 tanks over so wiggly bits are on hold for a short while.

Will we ever see Warhammer tanks on Console?

No idea, that requires business development and licensing deals, which is by no means my area (thankfully).

Will we get new War Stories soon?

Absolutely, we’re currently working on the next War Stories release now. It’s got a cool twist that I’m looking forward for players to experience.

Will we get 'Summer' or 'Desert' versions of some of the winter-only maps we have now, such as Icebound, Nomonhan, Berlin, etc?

We can certainly put in that request.

Are all the other old maps expected back/fixed by Summer, Xmas, next year/2019, etc.?

Yes many are coming back. We’ve just added a few in, and will keep returning them in each release.

Video Heroes

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tank heroes

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