Battle Heroes: TANKBOWL Nations' Champions

7 feb

Check out this year's TANKBOWL nations' top tier X commanders!



Highest average base XP earned per battle while using a tier X US or USSR tank

XBOX: FaintPup6514312 with an average XP earned of 1,198!
PS4: Kuckaaa with an average XP earned of 1,087!



7F with 1,053!
FNX with 1,036!
-NL- with 1,013!
IMTLS- with 1,012!
NF2G with 985!


TC_ with 1,090!
1R with 1,044!
UP with 1,024!
PWNZ with 1,020!
_RA_ with 994!

Q&A Heroes

On Weather variants, view range is cut in half, but render range is unchanged. Why is this?

Answered by MaxChaos24: Render range is a server constant so if we change it, it changes for all maps, and that's not something we can do on a per map basis. Instead, we use the reduction of radio range to achieve the same affect. If you are too far away from the front line, you won't be passed the information through the radio so you won't be able to see the enemies. When this happens, you need to move up to stay in contact with your allies, so this helps prevent players from sitting back and sniping in the extreme weather variants.

In Update 4.0, we made improvements to these reductions so that they are class-specific instead of a 50% reduction across the board. You can see the current reductions below. If you feel that these can be further improved, please do share your suggestion!

  • Light - 65%
  • Medium - 55%
  • Heavy - 50%
  • Tank Destroyer - 50%
  • Artillery - 50%

Any new lines in the works that World of Tanks PC doesn't have?

Actually there are, but nothing I can talk about yet.

World of Warships added the ability to get Premium ships using Free Experience. Will we see something like this?

Funny, I was thinking about that yesterday in regards to a new system we’re designing, so stay tuned.

Are we considering Mission Rewards tanks similar to what PC has? While we respect the emphasis on supporting casual players, those of us with years of play time in WoT really deserve the chance for long term goals and rewards.

This is also in current discussion for the new things I mentioned above. How long term are you thinking?

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