Battle Heroes: Ranked Afterparty

8 may 17

Did you fight in Ranked Battles? Bask in the afterglow of the long fight while catching up on the hottest community happenings.


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Ranked Results

We're awaiting the final score count! Why not share stories of your Ranked weekend while you wait?

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Most "Steel Wall", "Sniper", and "Top Gun" Medals Earned in a Week

XBOX: iLikeToGetDirty with 113 Medals!
PS4: Rado_56rus with 111 Medals!

Clan HeroeS


7F with an average of 1,108 Clan XP!
ML-S with an average of 1,071Clan XP!
PG with an average of 1,024 Clan XP!
-RC with an average of 1,023 Clan XP!
TNG- with an average of 1,020 Clan XP!


UP with an average of 1,012 Clan XP!
1R with an average of 993 Clan XP!
XR with an average of 985 Clan XP!
FROG with an average of 962 Clan XP!
MERCV with an average of 958 Clan XP!



How can I get employed at Wargaming?

We have a lot of offices worldwide and about 200 positions open. Check the Careers page!

What you need to do from there will vary depending on what kind of work you want. However, what most of the positions have in common is the need for some experience in the field. For game design, this could be making your own small game in Unity or modding a popular game. For art, you need to have a good portfolio to. For engineering, having a CS degree is a big help – we program in C++, Python, and Lua.  On the other hand, applicants for entry-level positions like customer service and QA just need to show a strong interest in the game.

Before applying anywhere, make sure you read up on the company and play their games. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many applicants don’t do that.

Will we see the “Haunted Tank” from DC Comics in the game?

That would be awesome! We’d just need to get DC’s permission, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Will there ever be modern tanks?

We wanted that for some time, but there’s nothing planned in the immediate future.

Why do the Ranked seasons last only three days?

Ranked Battles are played by half the audience, which splits up matchmaking. We keep Ranked Battles to weekends when we have the most players to reduce slowdown in Random battle matchmaking.

Can we get flags for NATO or the UN added to the game?

I don’t see why not. We just need to put in the request for it.

Can you add the Double Assault mode to competitive play?

We have the files in our server code, but have haven’t started working with them yet.

Community Creations

AHuskywolF returns with more pixel tanks!

Thrallok909 presents Maus as a "Harvester of Sorrow"

Video heroes