Battle Heroes: The Madness Continues

13 mar 17

World of Tanks is still going mad! Check in on the latest Tank Madness results while catching up on community scores! 


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Tank Madness: Week TWO

Team France advances to the "Final IV!"

France: 46,217 Vs. China: 41,845

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Highest Average XP Earned Via Tier X UK Vehicle

XBOX: By Grizzly with 1,202 XP!
PS4: akihisha with 1,115 XP!

Clan Heroes


7F with an average of 1,106 Clan XP!
TNG- with an average of 1,079 Clan XP! 
FMR with an average of 1,052 Clan XP!
-NL- with an average of 1,049 Clan XP!
-RC with an average of 1,046 Clan XP!


ENS with an average of 1,053 Clan XP!
HAWKS with an average of 1,023 Clan XP!
1R with an average of 1,002 Clan XP!
-UXP- with an average of 976 Clan XP!
POG with an average of 975 Clan XP!


What will you be doing with tier X Premium vehicles? They should be part of the tech tree.

We haven't decided, though that's an interesting suggestion. Thanks!

It'd be nice to have more tanks available for purchase at any time, not just when they rotate in the Sore.

We're already selling a much broader selection of tanks each month. We also have something else in the works related to your request.

What's the daily player average by continent over the past six months?

"More than our competition" is all we're allowed to say.  

Will the "Black Edition" tanks ever be sold again?

We currently don't have any plans.

Tales of Glory

Click the screens below to learn each tanker's epic tale! 

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