Battle Heroes: Ridin' Solo

5 jun

Time for Heroes!

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Solo player with the most kills in a single match using a Tier X vehicle

XBOX: OttoCarius150 with 11 kills in a single match!
PS4: aozora-subarasik with 10 kills in a single match!



-NS- with 1,123!
2KWN8 with 1,047!
PTA with 1,042!
SALT with 1,040!
1STHB with 1,028!


-NS- with 1,153!
KAPPA with 1,007!
STI with 992!
ANXM with 972!
MERCV with 966!


Q&A Heroes

Since the American Memorial Day is coming up, and the Flags for our tanks have been introduced, can we get MIA/POW Flag to fly on our tanks to honor those who are still missing in action or have suffered as a prisoner of war?

We can certainly look into and if there are no trademark issues have them added.

What happened to the tournament system? There have been no more tournaments since last year.

We were supposed to be kicking off tournament season at the beginning of the year bug changes in the publishing group left no resources to manage it. They are working on getting that started back up. There’s been some test tournaments going on lately in preparation for this.

Is Console going to remove Preferential Matchmaking like the PC?

No plans to at this time as we are not facing the same issues they are trying to resolve.

When will we get the M4 Improved?

Towards the end of the year when it’s getting cold again.

Any Clan related features planned this year?

We currently have something planned for later in the year. It hasn’t been fully vetted and approved yet but it is in the detailed design phase.


Video Heroes

Thanks to CloneGuy72 for the compilation!

Tank Heroes: HEre are all the participants for the 'World of Tanks Photo Masters' Contest...

I believe I can fly!

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