Battle Heroes: Tier X American and Swedish Tanks

5 apr

Time for Heroes!

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Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X American vehicles

XBOX: xXHandOfGodXx99 takes the top spot with an average of 1,188!
PS4: Vennisson with an average of 1,130!

Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X Swedish vehicles

XBOX: Mavrick247 is first with an average of 971!
PS4: Mounir13R4 reigns with an average of 905!



GURZA with 1,147!
-NS- with 1,085!
7F with 1,045!
AM with 1,016!
OMEGA with 1,010!


OZ with 1,039!
1R with 1,035!
HUNTS with 1,008!
KAPPA with 997!
UP with 986!

Q&A Heroes

Any plans or upcoming implementation for competitive modes with clans?

Nothing that I can speak to at this time in any detail, but we are looking at adding something for clans later this year.

Will the Glory IS-5 be earnable this year?

Nothing on the schedule yet but thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it.

We’ve seen some pretty cool partnerships and promotions between WG and third parties in the past (like GuP, Fury, Dunkirk, etc). Are there any new partnerships in the works?

I think I am able to say we’re doing another Dark Horse series and tie-in.

Any plans for a Silver String Theory?

Not specifically, but look for an Op in April that will help earn more silver.

Will we get the Tiger 217? It would be great to have the Tiger of a man who also has a medal in WoT named after him, the Carius Medal 1 to 4, Otto Carius.

Yes, should be coming in late September.

Will we ever see a full overhaul of the garage background to something new and exciting? It's nice seeing the current garage getting decorated for Christmas, Halloween etc, but I feel like we need something fresh.

Yes, the old garage will be getting an update this summer.

Video Heroes

Shout-out to: Spartan Elite43, Bullvyi, xiverisx, Darker240, Sentience, Tw0PaCpR0, three60mafia, Barrenechea, Sohbrikay, oGxRaaRaa (twice), pr0xy_mine, and DougYates40.

Shout-out to: Ronin Gaidin, Thrash Kabeza, Mattbrit Force, greyweasel UK, myth423, Der_Rampanzer, CosmicCarrie123, BradazR, A R0ll of Tape, and WillJaDM14.