October Overview: War of the Dead

27 sep 17

It’s time for the monsters to come and take over! Get ready for a month full of tricks and treats… and tanks!

Swedish Prem. Vehicles | New Maps | War Stories: Kennedy’s War | New Monsters | Monster Hunter Earn Op | Monster Awakened Mode | Oktoberfest | Emblems | Medals

Swedish Debut

  • Stark Strv S1 tank destroyer & Strv m/42-57 medium tank (Oct. 10-26)

Jumpstart the growth of your Swedish Crews with our first Swedish tanks. The Stark Strv S1 is a Hero TD that introduces Siege Mode, perfect for zeroing in and destroying enemies.

New Maps

  • Pilsen & Redshire 1944 (Oct. 10)

Two new maps hit consoles! On Pilsen, find your way through a maze of construction equipment and factory buildings. Block artillery shots using the overhanging pipelines.

You can also experience Redshire 1944, a new alternate-history version of the original Redshire!

War Stories

  • Kennedy’s War (Begins Oct. 17)

The Cuban Missile Crisis heats up as the Kennedy administration leads the attack against Soviets off the coast of Florida. Continue the story and unlock special offers in the Store!

New Monsters Tanks

  • Höllenhund leKpz M 41 90 mm & Dragon Type 62 (Oct.13-Nov. 9)
  • Halloween Garage (Oct. 13-31)

Spooky creatures lurk around every corner this month, with a creepy Halloween theme in the Garage and terrifying new monster tanks entering the fray. Höllenhund’s got bite, so don’t be the one to get bitten! And China’s Type 62 becomes the fire-breather we always knew it was.

Monster Hunter Earn Op

  • Monster Hunter Earn Op (Oct. 20-Nov. 1)
  • Monster Bundles (Oct. 13-Nov. 9)

The Monsters are back! Trap 'em in a variety of spooky bundles, or pick your target and earn it in the Monster Hunter Earn Op! Which one will you set your sights on?

Gorynych KV-5

Lycan T71

Kaiju O-I

Revenant Kraft's Panther

Monsters Awakened Mode

  • Monsters Awakened Mode (Oct. 27-Nov. 1)

We’re bringing back the Monsters Awakened mode with two new "awakened" monsters, the Höllenhund and Dragon! No purchase or earning of a Monster tank is necessary – all can play with the provided Spectre. If you do get a Monster, then feel free to bring the Kaiju, Lycan, Gorynych, Revenant, Höllenhund or Dragon into the mode and see them “awaken” to a whole new level of terror!


  • Oktoberfest Ops (Oct. 2-8)
  • “Blitzkrieg” German Sampler Bundles (Oct. 2-15)

We're extending the festivities of Oktoberfest with delicious sampler bundles of our favorite German medium and heavy tanks, and the opportunity to play special Ops to make your way up the German vehicle lines!


Chinese Moon Festivals Emblems (Oct. 5-Nov. 1)

Halloween Emblems (Oct. 5-Nov. 1)

Monster Tank Emblems (Oct. 5-Nov. 1)


Lycan Hunter

Revenant Hunter

Höllenhund Hunter

Gorynych Hunter

Kaiju Hunter

Dragon Hunter