NA West and NA East Data Centers Combining for a Better Player Experience

15 may

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the player experience in World of Tanks on PlayStation®4 and Xbox, especially when it comes to matchmaking and game performance.

Today, we’re excited to announce the opening of our brand new data center in Chicago. Our servers will be running on upgraded hardware, providing a better performance that will greatly increase the matchmaking pool for all tiers and game modes.

The server changes will occur without any expected downtime in accordance with the following details:

  • For NA West players on Xbox: NA West will no longer be available in the launcher for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Players who usually use this server will be automatically directed to NA East to play. This happened with our scheduled Tuesday restart on May 15.
  • For NA West players on all platforms, including PlayStation®4: NA West will no longer be available for all platforms. All players who use NA West will be automatically routed to the new NA East server, located in our brand new Chicago data center. This will occur a few days later once we ensure stability. Stay tuned for more information.

Server FAQ

Q) How will the changes to servers affect ping rate?

A) Ping rate should be more equal for all of our players. We will continue monitoring player feedback and game performance to ensure that our community receives a quality experience.

Q) Which server should I select when launching World of Tanks on PlayStation®4 or Xbox?

A) Though you are free to manually select a server of your choice, the default ‘Auto’ option will automatically direct players to the best available server based on their connection.

Q) Do I need to do anything to enjoy the benefits of the combined NA server?

A) This change will occur automatically as scheduled, with no action required on your part.

Q) How will my friends and/or clan list be affected?

A) It will not be affected at all, as friends, clans, and invites are cross-region.