September Overview: A Hero’s Welcome

28 aug 17

There’s a hero in all of us, but only a chosen few let them out to fight their fullest! This September, join World of Tanks in remembering heroes past and present while building up your own with a two-week Free XP to Crew XP conversion event from Sept. 1 to 14! There's lots more this month, so check out the schedule below.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya | Honor T-28e Earn Op | War Stories | Tokyo Game Show | Ranked Battles | Project VALOR | New Map |String Theory ReturnsOn Track | Labor Day | Emblems | Medals

Mariya Oktyabrskaya Crew and T-34 “Fighting Girlfriend” Hero Tank

• Fighting Girlfriend + Crew Bundles: Sept. 1 - 21
• Crimson Knights Return: Sept. 1 - 21
• Tankman’s Day Op: Sept. 10

We kick off September by remembering Mariya Oktyabrskaya , the first female tanker to receive the Hero of the Soviet Union award; the highest honor for bravery in combat. Her signature tank “Fighting Girlfriend” joins the returning Crimson Knights in the Premium Shop. Scoop up any “Fighting Girlfriend” bundle to recruit Mariya in your Crew!

Celebrate these heroes Soviet-style with a one-day "Tankman’s Day" Op and win a x3 XP Booster!

Earn Your Honor!

• Honor T-28e Earn Op: Sept. 1 - 14

Whether it’s the concept or a tank with its namesake, honor is earned, not given! Take to the fields and earn enough XP in honorable battle to add this tank to your garage.

War Stories

• Operation Sealion: Begins Sept. 19

The next War Stories chapter features new challenges, and a new turning point in history!

In "Operation Sealion," wage a desperate resistance alongside British forces against invading German Forces in the Battle of Britain. Can the tide be turned against the Panzer waves, or will Britain fall to German might? Your skills will decide!

Tokyo Game Show Spectacular

• Tokyo Game Show Op: Sept. 21 - 24
• Valkyria Chronicles Tanks Return: Sept. 21 - 24
• Fight for Your Academy: Sept. 21 - 24
• New Japanese Tanks: Sept. 15 - Oct. 5

Get ready for a weekend Japanese invasion! Join the Tokyo Game Show fun with special event Ops, anime tanks, and a clash between martial arts academies in the Fight for Your Academy Op.

Plus, check out two new Japanese tanks: the Senshi STA-2 and the Heavy Tank No. VI! 

Senshi STA-2

Heavy Tank No. VI

Ranked Battles

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Heroes clash in competitive events all across World of Tanks! Do you have what it takes to stand with legends?

Project VALOR: Remembrance

• Project VALOR-Remembrance Emblem: Sept. 1 - 30 
• Project VALOR-Remembrance Op: Sept. 1 - 8

Some heroes give it all.

In support of our Project VALOR (Veterans and Loved Ones Responsibility), Wargaming America has partnered up with the National Desert Storm War Memorial, a national monument to be built in 2021 that honors the 650,000 service members who served and the 383 military members who died during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990.

New Map

• New Map - Raseiniai: Sept. 1

A new console-exclusive map premieres! Based on a real-world location fought in Operation Barbarossa, Raseiniai centers on a pivotal bridge where securing control is key. 

String Theory Returns

• String Theory Ops: Sept. 25-28

Stackable Ops return with more String Theory to figure out. The more missions you stack, the more XP multipliers you get!

Japan On Track

• On Track-Japan: Sept. 8-21

Players demanded it: the next upcoming On Track event speeds up your progress along all Japanese tank lines!

Labor Day

• Labor Day-Sept. 4

Celebrate the heroes of labor and get a x3 XP bonus on your first victory!


Japanese Theme Emblems - Sept. 1 - 30

National Dog Week Emblems - Sept. 1 - 30

Fight for Your Academy - Sept. 28 - Oct. 4


Won for My Academy

String Theory

Heavy Medal