April Overview: Heavy Metal Heroes!

Crank it up to 11 and brace for three massive Heavy Metal Heroes (HMH) ! Rock out to your heart’s content with these never-before-seen titans. These behemoths are fitted with real heavy metal, and come armed and ready for carnage!

The sweet sounds of destruction and metal grinding will also take you to the rocky battlegrounds of Mars with the M24 Chaffee! Get ready for two On Tracks leading to brand-new vehicles , and jump right into Ranked Battles to show others who the real metalheads are!

All this and more in April!

Heavy Metal Heroes

• Mega Bundle: April 3-May 1
• HMH ISU-130: Apr. 7-Apr. 14
• HMH M51 Sherman: Apr. 14-21
• HMH FV305: Apr. 21-May 1

They're big, they're bad, and they're new -- welcome the HMH ISU-130, HMH M51 Super Sherman and HMH FV305!

These heavy metal console-exclusive vehicles are set to grind and shred the battlefield. They're dressed in style and feature "black skull" emblems on their side. Collect these rock stars before they escape through the back door!

Next Stop: Mars!

• March 31-April 2

The M24 Lunar Chaffee saw its fair share of interplanetary combat focused around Earth's own moon. This time, we've upped the ante and set our sights on the fourth rock from the sun!

Experience a battle out of this world; with power-ups to restore health (HP), sweet jumps to float over valleys or opponents, and alien saucers flying above. And remember, when charging head first into the saucer's green energy beams, yell "Hello, boys! I'm ba-a-ack!” proudly!

A Pair of "On Tracks"

• Bat.-Châtillon 25 t: Apr. 3-17
• Grille 15: Apr. 14-28

The popular On Track events are back for April, and boy have we got something sweet.

What better way to experience an On Track than by having it lead to brand-new vehicles. April unleashes the French Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP (tier IX) and German Grille 15 (tier X), and there's no better time to get them!

Don't worry; the Lorraine 40 t and Waffenträger auf E 100 will remain.

What's an On Track?

"On Tracks" feature special offers and an Op with one goal in mind: help you unlock the tier X vehicle in a particular line.

Vanquisher Sentinel AC I in the Store

• Apr. 5-May 5

The Vanquisher Sentinel AC I fills a variety of battlefield roles; it has tough armor for its tier, lots of HP to survive hits, and enough speed to cover ground quickly. And it's the reward tank for the winning team of the " Final IV " event!

It's also coming to the Store this month, and for those of you who acquired an " MVP " medal during the "Final IV," it's 50% off !

Earn 100 points during the "Final IV" event to earn the "MVP" medal. The tank is available in the Store only for players who did not earn it in the "Final IV" weekend.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Girls und Panzer Returns

• Apr. 28-May 12

We're super excited to announce that the colorful “Girls und Panzer” Pz.Kpfw. IV H from the Anglerfish Team will be available in the Store for all platforms ! This tank straight from the TV series comes armed and ready to take you to school!

Live: Ranked Battles Tier VIII

• Apr. 28-30

Have you mastered Random Battles and looking for a little more? Test your tanking proficiency against tough opponents, this time in Tier VIII vehicles , to place in the highest League and reap the Silver rewards!

April Emblems

• Apr. 3-30

In celebration of the Heavy Metal Heroes and Earth Day (April 22), we're introducing limited-time emblems that you can slap on your favorite war machines!

All details subject to change.
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