On Track to the Maus

One of the largest tanks ever designed, the mighty German Maus is an intimidating presence on the battlefield. Essentially a bunker on tracks, this massive tier X heavy tank is a robust beast and comes armed with a devastating 128mm KwK gun. When angled correctly, the Maus' armor can shrug off all but the most potent of enemy attacks!

For the duration of this On Track, enjoy discounts on tanks leading up the tier X Maus as well as Operations designed to speed up your progress towards the pride of the German arsenal. Additionally, if you're looking for a powerful heavy to further your tank career, check out the impressive German Löwe !

Interested in learning more about heavy tank gameplay? Have a look at our heavy tank guide !


21 aug  ` 15
3 : 01 (ET)


7 sep  ` 15
2 : 59 (ET)

On Track: Maus


Please note that selling vehicles offered at a discount during the event period will only yield 50% of the reduced sale price as Silver.

On Track: Maus Operation

Play a multiplayer battle in any of the eligible On Track vehicles listed above.

Reward: +25% Experience Boost

Heavy Hitters Event
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