Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

14” Guns. Two World Wars. The last of the Dreadnoughts is in danger!

USS Texas is flooding after damage from recent hurricanes -- keep her afloat through Wargaming’s Project VALOR (Veterans and Loved Ones Responsibility) Campaign !

USS Texas was one of the most powerful battleships in the world when she launched in 1914, and was credited with testing advances in gunnery, naval aviation, and radar. She was still fighting hard in 1944, supporting the Normandy Landings with her 14” guns. Nine days later, Allied forces pushed far enough inland to be at the edge of Texas’ gun range, but still needed her guns for tough targets, so again the call for fire support came in. Captain Charlie Baker ordered the battleship’s starboard torpedo blisters flooded, to raise the guns a crucial two degrees.

Texas answered to the tune of 24 massive shells, and by the end of the war, earned five battle stars. Today, she’s preserved by the Battleship Texas Foundation as a museum and national historic landmark -- a fitting fate for the final battleship from the Dreadnought era, and the only remaining capital ship to serve and protect her country and its soldiers in both World Wars.

Today, Texas is flooding again, this time under attack by the elements. The ship suffers constant leaks averaging over 300 tons of water per day, leading to significant erosion and deterioration that will eventually be irreparable. A team of historians, engineers and preservationists are attempting to move her to land before it’s too late.

It’s up to us to protect her.

How you can help:

For every "Giving Thanks" emblem purchased with Silver or Gold in World of Tanks during the month of November, Wargaming will donate 100% of net proceeds to the Battleship Texas Foundation.

Look for the emblem in the "Emblems" reel, found in "Special Emblems" from the Garage "Customize" menu.

Giving Thanks

Collect all four "VALOR" emblems throughout the year to gain access to an exclusive fifth and final VALOR Crest.

You may also make a direct donation via the Battleship Texas fundraising page !
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