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Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X American vehicles

XBOX: BicolourFlyer46 takes the top spot with an average of 1,128 !
PS4: UrCauseOfDeath with an average of 1,110 !

Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X German vehicles

XBOX: Mcclovin97 is first with an average of 1,117!
PS4: benjamin021201 reigns with an average of 1,085 !

Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X French vehicles

XBOX: ByGrizzlly takes the top spot with an average of 1,193 !
PS4: VULCANMARC with an average of 1,167 !

Players with the highest average XP earned using Tier X Chinese vehicles

XBOX: FE Carter takes the top spot with an average of 1,068 !
PS4: STG_I_WerwolF with an average of 981 !



-NS- with 1,113!
GURZA with 1,098!
TOD-J with 1,058!
UP with 1,017!
7F with 1,014!


1R with 1,093!
KAPPA with 1,030!
MERCV with 1,009!
MRKS with 989!
RIAS with 979!

Q&A Heroes

Any update for adding the damage counter for the HUD?

I just bumped the ticket for that so it should be in a release or two from now.

Any update on trajectory view for SPGs?

Still a work in progress while we’re updating to 9.20.1.

Will we ever see a HP bar with numbers? Sometimes I would like to know if I actually have a chance to destroy another player with a single shot.

I’ve asked the UI team to look into the feasibility of doing this for console considering TV resolutions.

How long does it take to introduce an emblem to the game suggested by players once approved?

Once approved it would end up in the next game version update which are usually 6-8 weeks apart.

Photo Masters: animals

Recently we asked you to forgo tank warfare, and instead, stop to admire some nature in World of Tanks. The result was a set of stunning photographs , showing a very different, very peaceful side to our game. Our lucky winners were stormdraft , TallDesert34426 , Strik3R00 , Cpl Derren , Merun , with an honorable mention going to Bad1Rabbit . Have a look at some of our favorites!

Video Heroes

Shout-out to: Waragers, Sprayvik, Mattbrit Force, Steel Wolf 31, Debrutaliseur, and DWP1992.

Tank Heroes

Shout-out to: Szympus1194, BrogueOne, BYTORtheSn0wd0g, Yeller Belli, Radicalspeeder, thormanpro, Ronin Gaidin, Thrash Kabeza, Sentience, and DEZERTstorm03.

Premium Tech Tree Weekly: KV-5 and T95E2
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