7 lucky days of discounts! Plus a Crew XP Boost combo on this fine Monday Madness

Level up your Crew faster with a 20% discount on your next Crew XP Boost Combo and enjoy the week with sales on Premium Time, conversion rates and Cosmetics!

Rise and shine, sleeping beauties!

Monday Madness brings you a 20% Discount on a hot Crew XP Boost Combo that will help you level up your favorite crew in no time! No need to wait to become #1!

Complete the repeatable Monday Madness Op for a chance at a random drop on consumables, plus 1 point for Summer Games Charlie.

30 Sep
09:01 Local Time
01 Sep
08:59 Local Time
  • x4 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x6 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x8 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x10 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)


20% Savings

Goals Rewards Restrictions

Extra Point Monday


Deal 1000 damage in any number of battles

  • 1 Point for Summer Games Charlie
  • 1 Random drop from the following:
    • Large First Aid Kit (1)
    • Large Repair Aid Kit (1)
    • Autmatic Fire Extinguisher (1)
  • Available to Tiers III - X only
  • Available to Multiplayer only

This offer is only available on the 30th of September 


01 Oct
09:01 Local Time
08 Oct
08:59 Local Time

Would you like an extra refill to go with your Monday Madness, Commander?

Starting tomorrow, you will have a week-long discount on Premium Time as well as on Free XP, Cosmetics & Silver Conversion.

Premium Time Sale

You can save up to 25% when purchasing Premium Time

1 day of Premium - 10%

3 days of Premium - 15%

7 days of Premium - 20%

30 days of Premium - 25%

28% Discount on Free XP Conversion

The 28% discount on Free XP Conversion will allow you to convert your Free XP at reduced prices.

20% Discount on Gold - Silver exchange  

Best time of the week to exchange Gold to Silver. The Gold-Silver Exchange will have a 20% discount, giving you a rate of 1 Gold = 480 Silver.

50% Customization Discount (Emblems, Inscriptions & Camo)

Looking good at half price? Yes Please! The customization discount applies to time limited and permanent variants of Emblems, Inscriptions and Camouflage.

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