Weekly Strike: Mercenary Wars

Update 4.5 is finally here, and the Mercenaries have risen. Check out even more content coming to World of Tanks: Mercenaries in the next week.

Weekly Strike is your one-stop shop for all the latest news, discounts, bundles, offers, and general happenings in World of Tanks: Mercenaries for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Check back every Friday for a look at everything coming up in the next week!

This week: Update 4.5 and Mercenaries are here, there are discounts when exchanging XP for Free XP, free conversions for Free XP to Crew XP, new Weekly Ops, and a look ahead to some special Independence Day content coming your way soon.

Update 4.5 and Mercenaries

Our long-awaited Mercenaries update launched on Tuesday – have you explored the new world dominated by soldiers of fortune yet? If you haven’t updated yet, here’s a quick rundown of everything going on in Update 4.5:

  • Mercenary nation – the introduction of Mercenaries brings the total number of in-game nations to 10.
  • War machines – unlock powerful new Mercenary vehicles, created by their rogue masters using the parts and engineering prowess of history’s greatest vehicles.
  • Contract system – the new Mercenary vehicles can be earned in a totally new way; activate contracts in the Mercenary Tech Tree, and complete objectives to earn these tanks for free.
  • Revamped maps – eight maps have been given the Mercenaries treatment, reflecting a world where World War II didn’t end.
  • New story campaign – War Stories: The Heist is an action-packed tale of espionage, nuclear tensions, and epic tank battles, and kicks off the Mercenaries universe with a bang.
  • New base of operations – your Garage has received a fresh lick of paint, and it’s now based in the heart of an active Mercenary camp!

Check out the full launch article for more details, or dive into the Update 4.5 patch notes to see everything that’s changed in the new update. To find out more about War Stories: The Heist, check out the dedicated article.

Tank XP to Free XP Discount + Free XP to Crew XP Conversion

 Get more Free XP for your Gold when converting XP from Premium/Elite vehicles. Your Free XP can be used on any vehicle on the Tech Tree, meaning the entire World of Tanks is your oyster!

After that, you can also convert your Free XP to Crew XP at no additional cost! Take advantage of this special offer before July 3.

26 Jun
09:01 Local Time
03 Jun
08:59 Local Time

1Gold = 30Free XP

1Free XP = 2 CrewXP

Weekly Ops: Cloak and Dagger

Every week, you can find a host of brand new Ops to tackle in World of Tanks to help you earn rewards that include Silver, Consumables, Experience, and much more! To take part in an Op, simply select the 'Ops' tab in World of Tanks: Mercenaries, and activate the ones that catch your eye. From there, it's a case of fulfilling the Op's requirements and enjoying the rewards!

These Ops are available to Tier III-X vehicles in Multiplayer battles only.

29 Jun
09:01 Local Time
06 Jun
08:59 Local Time

Destroy 1 or more Artillery tanks in a battle.


  • Available three times per day.

Detect three or more vehicles in a winning battle.


  • Available five times per day.

Penetrate 10 or more shots.

Reward: Small First Aid Kit ( 1 )

  • Available five times per day.

Place in the top 5 XP earners on your team for two battles in a row.


Available three times per day.

Deal 15 or more penetrating shots in a battle.​


  • Available three times per day.

Place in the top 5 XP earners on your team in a winning battle.

Reward : 1,000XP

  • Available twice per day.

Experience the True Strength of the Bizon T-103

Sometimes, what the battlefield needs is a real hero. Something big and powerful, that never backs down or knows when to quit. Introducing the Bizon T-103, the Hero tank you need and deserve.

This Soviet sniper is a big target, and it boasts wonderfully balanced defense and assault capabilities. Snipe and strike confidently, and unload the full firepower of a weapon your enemies will never forget.

The Bizon T-103 is only available until July 17, get it while you can!

26 Jun
09:01 Local Time
17 Jun
08:59 Local Time

Soviet Tier VIII Bizon T-103 Tank Destroyer
• 100% Trained Crew
• 1 Garage Slot
• 30 Days of Premium
• (15) Op x3 XP Boost
• (15) Op x4 Crew XP Boost




Hired Gun: Mercenary Op

As the age of Mercenaries begins, we've got a new Op to help kick things off! Score 10,000 XP using one of the new Mercenary vehicles from the Tech Tree to earn two x4 Crew XP Boost Ops, twice every day.

This Op is available to Mercenary vehicles in Multiplayer battles only. The Trinity from War Stories: The Heist cannot be used.

26 Jun
09:01 Local Time
10 Jun
08:59 Local Time

Earn 10,000XP in any number of battles.​

Reward: x4 Crew XP Boost ( 2 )

  • Available twice per day.

Coming Next Week

As America celebrates its independence, we've got some special content coming your way! Expect full announcements at the beginning of next week, but stay tuned for:

  • All-American Bonus Op - July 2-8
    • You can win random loot drops by fulfilling certain objectives, and get massive discounts on some special American bundles (featuring the Chrysler K and T28 Concept) the more you play!
  • x4 XP Bonus on Independence Day - July 4
    • For one day only, get x4 XP on all your first victories!
  • US Tech Tree Vehicle Discounts - July 2-8
    • Save 50% on regular Tier II-V American vehicles, or 30% on regular Tier VI-VII American vehicles from the Tech Tree!
  • Independence Day Garage - July 2-8
    • Prepare to be wowed with a glorious night-time display of fireworks in your Garage!
  • Canada, We Love You! - July 1-8
    • Get a free x4 Crew XP Boost every day when you win five battles thanks to the Our Home and Native Land Op, celebrating Canada Day! There's also a special O Canada Mega bundle coming to the Store soon, featuring the very best in Canadian engineering.

Have a great weekend, Mercenaries!


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