Conquerors of the Moon, Prepare for Mars!

"Mars is there... waiting to be reached." - Buzz Aldrin, U.S. astronaut

We conquered the moon, and this year, we've set our sights even higher! Blast off to Mars like a space monkey onto a new rocky battleground filled with red rocks, power-ups and more!

Prepare for first contact in low-gravity warfare featuring recent physics improvements for an exciting twist on the tank battles you know and love. Battle under Martian saucers and engage in land skirmishes that are out of this world! You'll also get a " Life on Mars? " medal for your efforts.

Earn Tank XP to convert to Free XP and train Crews from ANY nation using the M24 Lunar Chaffee in this brief visit to the red planet!


31 mar  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


3 apr  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

To Mars!

Red Rock Tips

  • Use ramps to launch the Lunar Chaffee to skip valleys and reach health power-ups.
  • Use target lock while on the move to increase firing accuracy.
  • Drive into the light (yes, we mean it) to see what comes next.

Additional Details

  • When the mode ends, the M24 Lunar Chaffee and the slot will be removed.
  • Crews (whether it be Crews provided for the M24 Chaffee or your own) in the M24 Lunar Chaffee will be sent to the Barracks when the mode ends.
  • Consumables equipped on the M24 Lunar will be sent to the Depot.
Note: Battles played in the Lunar Chaffee do not count towards the "Final IV" event.
The Final IV: Team USSR Takes It
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