Tank Madness 2018: Team USA Steals the Meatball in the Final Round!

Your Final IV Champions are Team Germany, Team France, Team China, and Team USA! Final IV will run from March 30 until April 2. Stay tuned for details on this weekend's Final IV showdown coming very soon.

Eight nations. Five rounds. One champion. This is Tank Madness!

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The USA kicks off its massive March Madness college basketball tournament this month, and so too is the madness spreading to World of Tanks! Prepare for a showdown of epic proportions, as eight nations fight it out every weekend in March for spoils, glory, and a shot at becoming the ultimate Tank Madness champion!

Every weekend, two different nations are pitted against each other in single elimination, team-based competition. Choose your nation, fight using vehicles tier III or higher from that nation, and help them score points to move up their bracket and ultimately win the weekend. The winning nations from each bracket will come together for a decisive clash at the end of March for our ‘Final IV’ championship, where the winning nation can claim their nation's Hero Flag tank as their prize.

Check back every Tuesday during Tank Madness for the latest results, and if you need to get a kickstart in rallying under the banner of your chosen nation, be sure to invest in our Tank Madness bundles to fill your Garage up with superstars from each competing nation!

Team USA have taken the meatball in the final bracket, and the Victory Lap Op is live now for American vehicles! Play before March 30 to earn bonus XP and Silver!


Team UK : 1.49 vs. Team Germany : 1.53
March 2 - 5

Team France : 1.429 vs. Team Japan : 1.421
March 9 - 12

Team Czechoslovakia 1.29 vs. Team China 1.46
March 16 - 19

Team Sweden : 1.483 vs. Team USA : 1.484
March 23 - 26

Final IV Championship
March 30 - April 2


2 mar
10 : 01 (UTC)


5 mar
9 : 59 (UTC)

Tank Madness: UK vs. Germany

Spirit of 1966: UK vs Germany

Two mighty European nations come together in one of their biggest clashes since the 1966 World Cup! Can the UK come out on top again, or will Germany put them in their place? Choose your nation, and make it count!


9 mar
10 : 01 (UTC)


12 mar
8 : 59 (UTC)

Tank Madness: France vs. Japan

Culture Clash: France vs Japan

Can Japan rise above the competition, or will liberté reign? France and Japan fight it out in our second Tank Madness showdown. Choose your nation, and fly the flag!


16 mar
9 : 01 (UTC)


19 mar
8 : 59 (UTC)

Tank Madness: Czechoslovakia vs. China

Czech it Out: Czechoslovakia vs China

Prepare for a David and Goliath confrontation, as the mighty China takes on Czechoslovakia. Pick your side, and fight it out for glory and prizes!


23 mar
9 : 01 (UTC)


26 mar
8 : 59 (UTC)

Tank Madness: Sweden vs. USA

Final Countdown: Sweden vs. USA

Our final Tank Madness bracket pits Sweden against the USA. Will the Scandinavian contenders freeze out their competition, or can America shine bright like a heavily-armed diamond? Choose your nation, and fly the flag!

Tank Madness: How to Score

Head to the 'Ops' tab in the Garage to select your team for the weekend (bear in mind that you cannot change your team for that particular bracket after confirming). Compete by earning 'completions' based on XP earned in battle, which contribute towards your nation's overall performance for the showdown of the weekend.

Rack up XP in battles to earn points in your selected nation's vehicles (vehicles must be tier III or higher and from your nation of choice, with battles played in multiplayer only):

  • 5 points : Top XP earner on your team
  • 3 points : Top 2-3 XP earners on your team
  • 1 point : Top 4-5 XP earners on your team

Every 15 points scores a completion for your team and secures a random loot drop for you. Help your team earn the highest rate of completions (relative to the team populations) to win the weekend , and move a step closer to the ultimate showdown in the Final IV from March 30-April 2.

You will receive three days of Premium Account time + 50,000 for following all of the following steps for each bracket (this reward can only be earned once in each bracket, and will not be available until the first bracket's winner has been announced):

  • Choosing your team
  • Earning a minimum of one completion for your team
  • Must be on the winning nation's team
  • Logging in to claim your reward before May 3

You'll also receive a Final IV medal specific to your chosen nation if your nation wins. It's possible to get a medal every weekend if you really know how to pick a winner!

You must score a minimum of one completion to qualify for rewards. Be sure to login before May 3 to receive your Tank Madness rewards!

The team score is calculated as the average rate of completions by players who have scored at least one completion for their team.

Victory Lap Bonus Ops

Everyone gets access to the Victory Lap Ops, however, it will only be available to vehicles of the winning nation! Check back every Tuesday for a new opportunity to earn bonus XP and Silver.

"Victory Lap" Ops are only available once per account, in Multiplayer battles, with vehicles tier III or higher that belong to the prior weekend's winning nation only.

Victory LaP - GermanY (March 6-9)

Win a battle.

Reward: +25% XP and Silver

Victory LaP - France (March 13-16)

Win a battle.

Reward: +25% XP and Silver

Victory LaP - China (March 20-23)

Win a battle.

Reward: +25% XP and Silver

Victory LaP - USA (March 27-30)

Win a battle.

Reward: +25% XP and Silver

Tank Madness Bundles

Prepare for Tank Madness by loading up on the most destructive war machines each nation has to offer! Get new bundles every week, from the Collector Mega ensembles encompassing the best of every nation, to specialized bundles bringing together the brightest tanks in each class.

→ Load up with our Tank Madness Bundles! ←

Final IV Championship and Final Reward


30 mar
9 : 01 (UTC)


2 apr
8 : 59 (UTC)

Final IV

The four winners from March's Tank Madness brackets will come together for a decisive championship showdown from March 30 until April 2. Like with Tank Madness, select your nation, fight it out, and you could win a super heavy prize if your nation wins! Each nation's distinctive, highly sought-after Hero Flag tanks is a potential prize depending on the winning nation, so make every fight count.

Watch out for our dedicated Final IV article later in the month for further details on how to take part.

You can take part in Final IV even if you didn't take part in any of the Tank Madness brackets. Simply choose your nation and start fighting!
You might have noticed that the mighty USSR is sitting this one out, having laid waste to the competition in Tank Madness 2017. If you're itching to stick some Soviet steel to your enemies, the reigning champions will indeed return to take on this year’s winning nation in an upcoming event. Stay tuned to the portal for more details on when you can take part in this epic clash of titans!
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Premium Tech Tree Weekly: Soviet Steel and British Brute Force
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