"Girls Und Panzer," "Valkyria" Tanks Leaving PlayStation Store

Girls und Panzer | Valkyria Chronicles

The imaginary vehicles of the worlds of Girls Und Panzer and Valkyria Chronicles are leaving the PlayStation Store on December 3. Get these extra-special machines before it’s too late!

Only available for players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Girls Und Panzer

Like the badass girls from the Anglerfish team, the Pz. IV Girls Und Panzer is a force to be reckoned with. Let tougher allies take the hits while you pick apart enemy HP with a devastating 7.5mm Kw.K gun.

What is "Girls und Panzer?"

In the Japanese animated series "Girls und Panzer," life revolves around sensha-do, a high school sport where girls battle it out using WWII-era tanks. The underdogs of the Oarai Girls High School sensha-do team are all inexperienced tankers, save for Miho Nishizumi, who comes from a long line of sensha-do experts. The 12-episode TV series follows the struggles of Nishizumi as she attempts to mold her under-equipped and inexperienced team into serious competitors in time for the national sensha-do championships!

Girls und Panzer Ultimate

15% savings!

$19.99 (USD)

Girls und Panzer Loaded

10% savings!

$14.99 (USD)

Valkyria Chronicles

Commanded by Valkyria Chronicles protagonist, Welkin Gunther, the Edelweiss has the versatility to take on whatever a battle gives it. With great top speed and mobility, you can run to the aid of an ally in trouble or change position for the perfect shot against foes!

The Nameless is run by deserters and criminals whose names have been replaced with numbers, #63, formerly known as Carisa Contzen, is commander. A seriously hard frontal plate and unusually high mobility for a heavy tank make the Nameless downright unmatched.

What is Valkyria Chronicles?

Set in the fictitious continent of Europa, reminiscent of 1930s Europe, Valkyria Chronicles depicts the region divided in two, ruled by the Empire and the Federation. The Empire has set its sights on invading a small neutral country called Gallia, situated in the middle of the two superpowers' territories, to secure invaluable natural resources. Within this struggle, a hero named Welkin and his fellow soldiers of the Federation's 7th Platoon are fighting back against the invasion and the Empire's attempts to unify the continent under its power.

Valkyria Chronicles - Mega

  • VIII flag Edelweiss
  • 100% Trained Crew "Welkin Gunther"
  • VIII flag The Nameless
  • 100% Trained Crew "Carisa Contzen"
  • Garage Slot ( 2 )
  • Premium Days ( 30 )
  • Ace Op: Edelweiss
  • Ace Op: Nameless
  • x3 XP Boost Ops ( 20 )

20% savings!

$73.99 (USD)

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