Job Posting: Mercenaries Wanted


Do you need some excitement in your life? Do you often stare longingly at your tank, wishing you had something to use it for? Have you got an irrepressible urge to blow stuff up? Well, we could use someone just like you.

We are looking for a highly-skilled Mercenary soldier to drive tanks and kick ass – in that order. A great Mercenary should be passionate, hard-working, have good driving skills, and work well as part of a team.

The role will see candidates embarking on international missions, engaging enemy forces with all the fury and firepower of hell itself, and enjoying the benefits of a positive and supportive working environment. Candidates must be willing to adapt to a dynamic, ever-changing workload, and take on the tasks no one else will. We will provide on-the-job training, and encourage all candidates to approach this role with a desire to learn and develop as a Mercenary.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • … owns a tank (maybe a massive one with a name like ‘Plaguebringer’)
  • … never backs down from a fight (cowards need not apply)
  • … can handle a weapon (and isn’t afraid to go all Scarface with it)
  • … is financially driven (your favorite song is the 1976 pop classic ‘Money, Money, Money’ by ABBA)
  • … can keep good time (“I’m sorry boss, my alarm didn’t go off” won’t cut it when we’re short-staffed and knocking at the enemy’s door)
  • … is morally flexible (like a gymnast)

Desirable qualities:

  • Has a tattoo (especially if it’s a dragon, bonus points if it’s a dragon)
  • Has an awesome nickname (because who doesn’t want to charge into battle with a guy called ‘Blood Falcon’?)
  • A clean driving license (we’ll take dirty ones too)

Do you think you would make the perfect addition to our team? Do you want to hear more about other opportunities like this in the near future? You won’t have to wait long. Sign up for more updates at our dedicated website, and keep your eyes on the battlefield.


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