January Overview: Dawn of War

TankBowl 2018 | Adler VK 45 03 | "Victory Lap: German" Ops | War of Nations | Emblems

We’re bringing back the TankBowl in 2018, and it's more fierce and competitive than ever! This year, two powerful nations face off in the biggest tank event of the season – USA vs. USSR. If you were around for last year’s TankBowl, you know that Germany was crowned champion, and for this we’re honoring them with a Hero tank and Victory Ops!

Don’t miss out on the intense combat. Here’s to a happy 2018!

TankBowl 2018

This year’s TankBowl pits USA and USSR in a nation-versus-nation epic competition! Starting January 15, pick a side and tryout for the biggest brawl of the season! More details are coming soon.

Adler VK 45.03

In honor of 2017's reigning champion Germany, we introduce a Hero tank of epic proportions – the Adler VK 45.03! Get yours from January 2.

"Victory Lap: German" Ops

Continue the victory celebrations by racking up destroyed enemies while driving German machinery for extra Silver from January 2 through 7!

War of Nations: "Every Nation For Itself" Ops

Ramping up to TankBowl 2018, destroy enemies of every nation for extra Silver in "Every Nation For Itself" Ops, January 8-15!


Zodiac Signs (January 2)

TankBowl Emblems (January 9 - February 5)

KV-220-2 and Early January Specials
Rare Tank Spotlight: Adler VK 45.03 + German "Victory Lap" Ops!
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