Deal of the Week: Save 50% on the Patriot T26E5!

Get a powerful American Heavy Tank in this week's highlighted bundle!

Save a massive 50% on some of the most powerful Premium vehicles in World of Tanks: Mercenaries every week! Every Tuesday, check back on the portal or the in-game Store to pick up a new tank in a Deal of the Week bundle together with 3 days of Premium time and a selection of XP and Crew XP Boost Ops.

This week's special deal is the Patriot T26E5. Throw your weight around with this American Heavy Tank, and use it to paint the battlefield red, white, and blue!

0 Days
00 Hours
00 Minutes
00 Seconds
23 Oct
08:59 Local Time
  • American Tier VIII Patriot T26E5 Heavy Tank
  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • x5 XP Boost Ops ( 20 )
  • x6 Crew XP Boost Ops ( 20 )


50% savings!

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