Trade-In Program: Trade Your Old Premium Tanks for New Ones!

Trade your vehicles before December 10!

Spice up your tank collection with the Trade-In Program, available for a limited time only! During this event, you can trade in an owned Premium tank for 50% of its Gold value, then put that Gold towards a brand-spanking-new Premium tank. It's an awesome opportunity to try out incredible and rare new vehicles you've never owned before including Heavy Metal Heroes, Monster Tanks, and even more powerful Premium tanks!

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11 Dec
09:59 Local Time

Trading in Vehicles

  • Vehicles are worth 50% of their Gold value.
  • Ammunition is worth 50% of its Silver value.
  • Standard Equipment is worth 100% of its Silver value.
  • Complex Equipment will be destroyed if the vehicle is traded (a warning prompt will be displayed).
  • Consumables are placed in the depot.
  • Crews are placed in the barracks.
  • Temporary Customization items (including camouflage, emblems, flags, and inscriptions) are destroyed if the vehicle is traded.
  • Permanent Customization items (including camouflage, emblems, flags, and inscriptions) are preserved and available when/if the vehicle is reacquired.

Only one vehicle can be traded towards the purchase of a new vehicle, and only certain vehicles are available to be traded in for the time being.

Vehicles that can be traded for Gold with the Trade-In Program:

Vehicles that can be purchased with the Trade-In Program:

How to Trade In Vehicles

Tanks that are eligible for the Trade-In Program will be indicated on the Premium Tech Tree in the 'Tanks' tab by the green looping arrows icon. You can access the Trade-In tab by pressing the button to either open the vehicle's details or trying to purchase the tank.

When you go to purchase a tank that is eligible for the Trade-in Program, you will be presented with two options:

  1. Purchase
    • Selecting this will buy the tank for the displayed Gold value like a normal purchase.
  2. Trade-In
    • Selecting this will open up the Trade-In tab where you can view the trade information and select the vehicle you wish to Trade-in.
      • The Tank icon will display how much Gold would still need to be paid in order to purchase the tank, and any cashback value.
      • Tanks in the Trade-in reel are sorted by their trade-in value, from the highest trade-in value to the lowest trade-in value.

If you have no eligible vehicles to trade in, there will be no tanks in the Trade-In tab, and you will see a message that you do not own any vehicles to trade.

If there is Complex Equipment installed on the tank that is being traded, you will receive the confirmation dialog for destroying it. After confirming (or removing the Complex Equipment), you will proceed to the Trade-In confirmation. If there is no Complex Equipment installed you will go right to the Trade-In confirmation. The confirmation screen contains the price that you will pay in Gold and the amount of cashback you will receive.

Help Screens

By using the right trigger in the Trade-In tab, you can view the help screen. There are also additions to the Tech Tree's help screen, with a description about the icon that indicates vehicles eligible for trading.

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