Battle Heroes: Fight Fire With Fire

Time for Heroes!

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Most enemy vehicles destroyed by setting them on fire with a Tier X vehicle

XBOX: DeathPater37 is a twisted firestarter, and set 22 enemies on fire, causing their destruction!
PS4: IMieZo is putting out fire with gasoline, and set 24 enemies on fire, causing their destruction!



GURZA with 1,174!
FNX with 1,089!
-NS- with 1,076!
-WAE- with 1,030!
1STHB with 1,010!


-N- with 1,005!
NN with 1,000!
KAPPA with 986!
OZ with 983!
MERCV with 981!

Q&A Heroes

Any realistic chance this year we will see the opportunity to have "clear camo" that shows the tank's original color but gives the camo bonus?

Funny we were just talking about that this week. I’d say it’s a real possibility for at the very least hero and special tanks.

Hello, will we get a Polish tree in the future?

You bet, we bring over the new nation tech trees from PC regularly .

Are double cap assault modifications on the list of things to do?

Possibly, what exactly are you looking for?

Any chance of WoT being able to go over the 50GB limit to support PC 1.0 maps?

Yes, we can go over 50 GB now as we’ve worked things out with the console manufacturers. We still want to keep downloads as small as possible of course but there’s no longer the restriction on size .

We had Soviet and American Dream Ops, Could we do Germany next?

Sure we can, you will likely see one around the turn of the year .

Video Heroes

Shout-out to: GeminiRogues, Jesse Hopp, Steven Francis, Corey Connolly, Bennie Murphy, Kieron Thomas Steve Price, Maxwell Murray, Michael Holodnak, Dalton Mikell, and E M V E L.

Tank Heroes

Shout-out to: Sapphire, Spartan Elite 43, choppermeir, Menis M7, Tw0PaCpR0, IND00R MAN, BoereJack, Apolo_31, VerJager, Malarky1945, and xiverisx.

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