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Premium Tech Tree Weekly: KV-5 and T95E2

10 apr

Get your hands on rare and powerful Premium tanks every week.

The Premium Tech Tree is your one-stop shop for introducing fresh, rare Premium tanks to your Garage on a regular basis. It’s accessible from the ‘Tanks’ tab in-game, and there are almost 30 tanks to choose from already. We’re populating the tree with rare new additions every week, so you can look forward to rediscovering Premium rarities that you’ve missed out on, or finding new favorites to take into battle!

Check back on the World of Tanks Console portal every Week to see the latest additions to the Premium Tech Tree. The following tanks will be available in the Premium Tech Tree AS OF April 10.

This Week: KV-5 and T95E2

VIII flag  KV-5  

Large and resilient with excellent armor, the KV-5 excels at striking fear into enemies’ hearts with its intimidating girth. Throw your weight around figuratively and literally – it’s effective at ramming opponents who aren’t as well-protected! Make it yours for 7,500 today!


VIII flag  T95E2  

This American tank is agile, wields a respectable weapon, and boasts decent speed and gun depression. It’s a great and reliable all-rounder! Get yours for 7,500 today!

This article originally stated that the Tiger 131 and Type 62 would be joining the Premium Tech Tree on April 10. Due to an unforeseen issue with deployment, the Tiger 131 and the Type 62 will unfortunately not be joining the Premium Tech Tree line-up in the immediate future. We apologize to those of you who may be disappointed by the changes, but we will keep you up to date on any future plans we have to make these vehicles available for purchase.