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Premium Tech Tree Weekly: Type 62 and Kanonenjagdpanzer

15 may

Get your hands on rare and powerful Premium tanks.

The Premium Tech Tree is your one-stop shop for introducing fresh, rare Premium tanks to your Garage on a regular basis. It’s accessible from the ‘Tanks’ tab in-game, and there are over 40 tanks to choose from already. Check out the Premium Tech Tree to rediscover Premium rarities that you thought you'd missed out on, and find yourself some new favorites to take into battle!

The following tanks will be available in the Premium Tech Tree AS OF May 15.

This Week: Type 62 and Kanonenjagdpanzer

VII flag  Type 62  

A lightweight Chinese war machine, the Type 62 is agile, swift, and nimble. It's a great option for chipping away at hardier opponents while running rings around them. Get it for 4,800 today!


VIII flag  Kanonenjagdpanzer  

This German Tank Destroyer relies primarily on its excellent stealth and mobility to bring ruin to its opponents. Get yours for 10,000 today!