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World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Second Open Beta

3 jan 16

The second Beta weekend for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 is over. A special thanks to everyone who participated.


If you missed out on the previous Open Beta, you have another chance to avoid such a mistake! The second World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Open Beta is taking place between January 8-10, but you don't have to wait until then to download the game. During the Beta, command history's most legendary and battle-tested tank arsenals such as the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union, and take to the battlefield!

By logging in to their Garage during Beta, tankers receive two Open Beta exclusives: the T1E6-PS which sports stylish blue camouflage and the chrome M22 Locust-PS, adorned with a special color scheme honoring the original PlayStation!

Americas: Download World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Now

Europe: Download World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Now

Looking for Tips Before Battle?

Your progress won't be wiped after the Beta, so there's no reason to not get a head start on tanking:

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