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Tank Madness Continues: Japan Advances

15 mar 17

Tank Madness advances to the next matchup of run 'n' gunners -- Japan Vs. Czechoslovakia!

Both nations have similar medium tanks: nimble, speedy and firepower-focused! Use these mobile flankers to get into position to fire at distracted opponents or encircle stragglers caught alone.

While the medium tanks of both nations are comparable, the Japanese have an ace in the hole: giant box-shaped heavy tanks! No need to fire and maneuver when you can simply overwhelm. Load up some high-explosive ammo and rip apart anything that crosses your hairs.

Prepare for matchups like the ST vz. 39s versus Type 1s or Škoda T 50s versus Type 61s. Or bring out the all-powerful O-I Experimental and make sure you don't miss! Who will you side with?

As a reminder:

The first four weekends of March pit two different nations against each other in single elimination, team-based, all-out brawls. You'll select a new nation each weekend, and after all eight teams face off, the remaining four meet in an epic showdown: the "Final IV!"

Tank Madness: How to Score | Final IV Rewards | Team Bundles

  • Mar. 3-5: USA vs UK
  • Mar. 10-12: France vs China
  • Mar. 17-19: Japan vs Czechoslovakia
  • Mar. 24-26: Germany vs Soviet Union
  • Mar. 31-Apr. 2: Final IV & Championship

Team Japan advances to the "Final IV!"

Japan: 49,807 Vs. Czechoslovakia: 33,521


17 mar  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


20 mar  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

Matchup: Japan vs Czechoslovakia

Tank Madness: How to Score

Head to the "Ops" tab in the Garage to choose your team for the weekend (no switching afterwards). Compete by earning "completions" based on base XP earnings to help your team win the weekend bout.

Rack up XP in battles to earn points in your selected nation's vehicles (tier III or higher):

  • 5 points: Top XP earner on your team
  • 3 points: Top 2-3 XP earners on your team
  • 1 point: Top 4-5 XP earners on your team

Every 15 points scores a completion for your team and earns you a random loot drop. Help your team earn the highest rate of completions (relative to the team populations) to win the weekend and you'll receive a  day of Premium + 50,000 the following Tuesday when logging in. You'll also receive a "Final IV" medal for that nation when results are tallied after the "Final IV" weekend.

You must score a minimum of 1 completion to qualify for rewards.
Be sure to login before May 4 to receive your Tank Madness rewards.

Final IV Rewards: "Vanquisher" Sentinel AC I

The winners at the end of the entire event will earn a free "Vanquisher" Sentinel AC I, a "Champion" medal and 500,000!

"MVP" Medal

Winning a Tank Madness weekend round nets you a day of Premium + 50,000. You can technically earn a total of four Tank Madness rounds depending on if you're on the winning team in each of the four weekend bouts. Therefore, you could potentially walk away with four days of Premium + 200,000 just for helping your nations of choice advance to the "Final IV."

Earn an "MVP" medal during the "Final IV" event to double all of your Premium time and Silver earnings!

Details on how to earn an "MVP" medal to be disclosed later.
Missed out on Tank Madness? Don't worry, you can still compete in the Final IV weekend.
Reminder: You'll get to re-choose your nation from among the four winners prior to the "Final IV."

Victory Lap Bonus Ops

Everyone gets access to the "Victory Lap" Op. However, it's only available to vehicles of the winning nation.

"Victory Lap" Ops are only available once per account, in Multiplayer battles, with vehicles tier III or higher of the prior weekend's winning team only.


21 mar  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


24 mar  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

Op: Victory Lap

Victory Lap I

Destroy five or more enemies in any number of battles.

Reward: 5,000 

Victory Lap II

Destroy 10 or more enemies in any number of battles.

Reward: 8,500 

Victory Lap III

Destroy 25 or more enemies in any number of battles.

Reward: 30,000 

Victory Lap IV

Destroy 50 or more enemies in any number of battles.

Reward: 150,000 

Victory Lap V

Destroy 100 or more enemies in any number of battles.

Reward: 500,000 

Team Bundles

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with 100% trained Crew, its own Garage slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

You must complete associated Ace Operations within seven days of the bundle purchase date.

If you already own one of the tanks listed in the bundles below, then you'll be compensated its discounted Gold equivalent.


14 mar  ` 17
7 : 01 (UTC)


20 mar  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

Japan & Czechoslovakia Bundles

Team Japan All-Stars

•  V flag  Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai  
•  VI flag  Kaiju O-I  
•  VIII flag  STA-2  

• Ace Op: Kaiju

30% savings!



Team Czechoslovakia



Japanese Supplies

• Onigiri ( 10 )
• Premium Days ( 3 )

26% savings!



Czechoslovakian Supplies

Buchty ( 10 )
• Premium Days ( 3 )

26% savings!