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Ranked Battles: Decim8 or Be Decim8ed

15 jun 17

Earn Silver, Premium Time, or Boost Ops by kicking tail in Ranked Battles!

During the weekend of June 23, hop into your favorite tier VIII war machines and compete in fast-paced 7v7 battles. Bring out sluggers like the VIII flag  Fatherland IS-3A  , VIII flag  T32  , VIII flag  Tiger II  or VIII flag  IS-3  ! Or stand apart from lumbering behemoths with the VIII flag  Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger  or IX flag  AMX 13 90 !

The choice is yours -- just be sure to bring it!


23 jun  ` 17
17 : 00 (UTC)


26 jun  ` 17
6 : 59 (UTC)

Ranked Battles: Tier VIII

What Are Ranked Battles?

Ranked Battles are an opportunity to demonstrate your tactics against opponents. During a Season, tankers hone their skills by trying to place in the highest League before the Season ends for bragging rights and rewards!

One's performance in Ranked Battles earns points towards their ranking, and moving up Leagues is dependent on the amount of points earned.

NEW: League Based Matchmaking

For the upcoming Ranked Battle Season, we have added League based Matchmaking! Matchmaker will first attempt to match players in the same league together, followed by surrounding leagues, and finally with any league based on how long the player has been waiting in the queue.  

  • Same league matchmaking expires after 45 seconds
  • Surrounding league matchmaking expires after 90 seconds
  • Match with any league after 90 seconds

How to Participate

To participate and unlock the mode, you must own a tier III vehicle or higher.

Once unlocked, you'll need to complete five preliminary battles to be placed into a League. Once placed, you'll gain access to the "Ladder" tab in the Garage which displays useful information about the current Season, your rankings and more.

You'll also gain access to three Leaderboards:

  • My Division: Displays all players that are in the same League as you.
  • Friends: Displays your friends' rankings; every friend who's participating in active Leagues.
  • Clans (Not available if you're not in a Clan): Displays your Clanmates who are participating in an active League.

Point System

Once you've placed in a League, you'll begin to see how many points you've earned or lost after each Ranked Battle.

There are two types of points: Team Performance and Personal Performance. To earn Team Performance points, players must win the battle. The player's individual Personal Performance points can then increase for winning the battle or decrease if you lost. Personal Performance points are based on how well you did in battle.

The amount of points earned or lost is displayed in the Post Battle Results screen. First, it will calculate the points received for your individual performance, and then the points from your team's performance. Then it displays your current amount of points and how much more is needed to reach the next League.

Maps and Modes

Ranked Battles uses the Standard battle type and takes place on the following maps which allow for better 7v7 battles:

• Himmelsdorf
• Himmelsdorf - Night
• Himmelsdorf - Winter
• Ghost Town

• Mines
• Mines - Rain
• Cliff
• Cliff - Rain

Leagues & Rewards

There are nine possible Leagues to join in this Season, and it's entirely dependent on how well you play.

Depending on where you place by the Season's end, you'll score one of the payouts below:

  • Iron League: 0 
  • Bronze League: 10,000 
  • Silver League: 25,000 
  • Gold League: 50,000 
  • Platinum League: 100,000 + 1 Day of Premium
  • Master League: 150,000 + 3 Days of Premium +x2 XP Boost Op +x4 Crew XP Boost Op
  • Senior Master League: 250,000 + 3 Days of Premium +x2 XP Boost Op ( 3 ) +x4 Crew XP Boost Op
  • Chief Master League: 350,000 + 7 Days of Premium +x3 XP Boost Op ( 3 ) +x6 Crew XP Boost Op
  • Grand Master League: 500,000 + 30 Days of Premium +x3 XP Boost Op ( 3 ) +x6 Crew XP Boost Op ( 3 )
After this Season ends, players must login at least one day prior to the start of the next Ranked Battles season to claim their prize.
Note: Rewards not cumulative.

End of Season

When the Season ends, your total points and highest League attained will be displayed along with the rewards you've qualified for. You'll also still be able to enter the Ranked Battle mode to view the "Ladder" tab after the Season is over. This is useful in case you want to check the Leaderboard to see where you finished amongst players in your League, your friends and Clan (if you're in one).

You'll also receive an in-game medal based on the highest League achieved.

(Ordered by League, lowest to highest, left to right)


Do I move down in Leagues if I'm on a losing streak?

No, you cannot move down a League.

Will Ranked Battles matchmaking be the same as Random Battles?

No, Ranked Battles have their own matchmaking queue.

Will there be Ops in Ranked Battles? Do you earn Silver and XP in this mode?

Ops are not available but there may be a few in the future. Yes, you will earn XP and Silver.

Will Ranked Battles affect my stats?

No, Ranked Battles do not affect your stats.

Can I Platoon in Ranked Battles?

Negative, it's only for solo tankers.

I don't see Ranked Battles in the menu. How do I unlock it?

You must first own a tier III vehicle.

What are the available maps in these Ranked Battles?

Himmelsdorf (standard, night & winter), Mines (standard & rain), Cliff (standard & rain), & Ghost Town.

Once the Season is over, will I be able to see my final position?

Yes, you will receive a pop up letting you know where you placed. You'll also be able to enter the mode after the Season is over to view the "Ladder" tab.

What game modes are available?

Only Standard battle types are available.