Fifth Anniversary Giveaway: Our Winning Commanders Take on America!

In February, five lucky players won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to drive a tank in the USA. A few weeks ago, our winning Commanders landed in Minnesota. This is what went down…

In celebration of five years of World of Tanks: Mercenaries on consoles, we hosted our biggest prize giveaway ever in partnership with Initial Rewards. Over 6,500 incredible prizes were given away to our players, including an all-expenses paid trip to Minnesota, USA for five lucky commanders. from May 7-10, 2019. From May 7-10, 2019, our winners enjoyed an amazing tanking event organized by Wargaming and Incredible Adventures, in association with Drive A Tank.

The five winners of this once-in-a-lifetime prize trip were:

  • Larsergic
  • Demonone67
  • SixteenEyes4
  • Daddy David SCO
  • babydiablo22*

On May 7, each of the players were picked up from the airport by hyp3rb8ll8d (Catherine), and brought to their hotel. During their free time, they visited The Mall of America, the biggest mall in the whole of the United States! That evening, everyone enjoyed a meal in downtown Minneapolis, before heading back to the hotel to rest up for a very early start in the morning.

The next day, the real fun started! The winners arrived at the Drive a Tank range at 9:30am, where they were greeted by Incredible Adventures with donuts and coffee, followed by a very thorough safety briefing, and a history lesson about each of the tanks with Tony, the grand ruler of the Drive A Tank range!

The cold, the pouring rain, and all the mud created the atmosphere of a real battlefield, and set the scene for the start of our tank driving experience! Our winners took turns navigating the battlefield in an FV433 Abbott SPG, with their comrades assuming the positions of commander and loader. Next, our winners hauled their comrades with an armoured personnel carrier: the FV432 APC. In the belly of this beast, they drove from a combat situation, with all hatches closed and buttoned up and with only a periscope for vision, while they were hunted by a Sherman!

In the afternoon it was time to head to the shooting range where our winners shot a Sten Submachine gun, a M4 carbine in full auto, and to top it al off, a M1919 .30cal machine gun.

For the cherry on the cake of this day, our winners crushed four cars with the Chieftain, and I’m not sure if you can tell by the photos, but we think they enjoyed themselves…

Day two saw the arrival of the legendary and unstoppable Rudy Reyes and a host of influencers from the across the globe. Our winners were able to kick back and watch these teams take on the battlefield as they did the day before, and later on that day everyone was witness to the ultimate car explosion!

Want to know what the players thought?


“Thank you so much for the giving me the opportunity of a lifetime! Driving a tank was amazing! Having never driven anything that large, I had no idea what to expect. The awesome sense of power of tons of steel under your command is exhilarating… When I ran over the car I hardly felt it at all! The Chieftain just tipped back a bit and rolled on like the car was a pebble on the road...  To be honest, I was the winner with the worst stats. In fact, I had only looked at my stats once before. When we were eating dinner the first night looking at total games played, rankings, damage ratio and other things I realized that those things are fun, but they're NOT why I play. World of Tanks is like chess. It's a strategy game that pushes me to be creative and solve the puzzle that each map and set of teammates presents…”
- SixteenEyes4

“Thank you Wargaming for an incredible adventure, and especially Catherine for being a fabulous host during the Tankathlon event in Minneapolis and taking care of everything for me.  From the moment I landed and met the other winners, who were so awesome, we all started talking enthusiastically about tanks and our anticipation for the next day’s events being almost overwhelming.  The next 48 hours were without a doubt beyond my highest expectations.  Wow! Driving tanks, shooting tanks, crushing cars with tanks, firing machine guns and mixing all that up with global social media influencers.  It was full on and I can’t wait to see the final film footage.  I now feel properly part of the World of Tanks Console family. Playing the game is now more special.  My goal is to get all the Tier X tanks with at least one MOE to each.  I love open maps with Mediums and Lights, especially my Sheridan and recent addition of the Italian Progetto 65 pushing hard although my stats show my most played tank is my IS-3 (900+) which I have 2 MOE currently.”
- Daddy David SCO

“At first I didn’t believe I’d won, as the email arrived on April 1st, but after confirmation, the excitement went up very quickly and I couldn’t wait to be in Minnesota to be able to do in real life what I do every day in-game. On my arrival I was welcomed as a king and treated as such throughout my stay. The tank ride was really amazing and the sounds just like they do in the game! I found myself having the same feeling as I did when I was child, opening Christmas presents. The machine gun shooting was impressive and quick reminder that this these machines are weapons, not a game. Thank you to Tony Borglum and his team. The three days passed too quickly and will remain forever a very good memory. A big thank you to Wargaming and all its employees who made this Tankathlon 2019 possible and of course to Catherine who took care of us as her proteges.”

“It was an incredible experience; I think you and the Wargaming staff did an outstanding job! I will have nothing, but positive things to say!”

We’re grateful that this month-long giveaway came to such a satisfying ending. We loved being able to plan this for you and thank you to all our amazing players for participating. We’ll see you at the next one. Roll out!

- hyp3rb8ll8d

*Due to a very unfortunate event, our dear babydiablo22 was not able to attend. However, we were able to send her a big box of goodies, and a little something extra!

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