Battle Heroes: February Fighters

Time for Heroes!

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Top Players in February Ranked Battles

XBOX: UNS DJ YoloSwag takes the top spot with a score of 10,000 !
PS4: kingmiami25 reigns with a top score of 10,000 !



GURZA with 1,068!
TOX with 1,024!
UP with 1,013!
PTA with 1,013!
7F with 1,010!


LNWLF with 1,058!
M-L with 1,012!
1R with 987!
TOP1 with 984!
NN with 980!

Q&A Heroes

Will we get new Comic tanks soon?

We’re actually in talks with our partners on that right now, so stay tuned!

Any new Equipment or Consumables coming?

Nothing in the current plans. What are you looking for?

Any Bounty tank events coming?

You’re right, we should schedule another one of those. They are a bit hard to set up since we need to make sure we have enough employees in all regions participating.

Is there any chance to have an Earn Op for the Motherland? We recently had it for the Fatherland and it would be nice if we have one with the Motherland. I lost the chance to win two years ago and I want to have a second chance.

Look out for a special Soviet tank Earn Op, coming this May.

This year we will celebrate 100 years of Czechoslovakia, can we expect some event or premium vehicle?

That’s a great suggestion, I’ll be sure to run that past our events team. Thanks!

Video Heroes

Shout out to: Bullvyi , Spartan Elite43 , Shadowpower001 , choppermeir , and EvilMorodech .

tank heroes

Shout out to: Ronin / @Jason_E_Fisher , Nation of IMF, cosmic carrie / @CosmicCarrie123, Grant / @HerosminersYT, Sean Carter / @Der_Rampanzer, Eric Purkapile / @PurkapileEric, JD Gaming / @JDGamingYTWoT1, Corrupted Ewok / @AdamPRey, Ethan Wolfcat / @EthanWolfcat, E M V E L, and SS_JACK_SLATER .

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