February Overview: Games of War

It's time to get this party started!

February is full of celebrations, from a milestone four years of World of Tanks on consoles and the upcoming Chinese New Year, with 2018 being the Year of the Dog! Get a free anniversary tank and earn XP bonuses through our Ops, and then begin the climb up a brand new TD line added to the Chinese Tech Tree, with discounts and boosts to give you a nudge.

And what's better than a good ol' Earn Op getting you an incredible Soviet brawler absolutely free? More below!

TANKBOWL Champion M4 Sherman | Anniversary Tank Giveaway | War Games & War Party ops | New Chinese TDs | Chinese On Track | Fatherland Earn Op | Ranked Battles | Emblems

TANKBOWL's Champion M4 Sherman

Get TANKBOWL's Champion M4 Sherman at the end of the prestigious event. It's free for members of the winning team, and available at a discount for the losing team.

Anniversary Tank Giveaway

From February 9 until the end of the month, we're celebrating four years of World of Tanks on consoles, and would like to show our appreciation with a free gift tank!

"War Games" & "War Party" Ops

Get rewarded for your efforts! Take on "War Games" Chained Ops (Feb. 6-8) and the more you complete, the higher your XP bonus will be during the "War Party" event (Feb. 9-11)!

New Chinese TDs

Ring in the Chinese New Year with a new line of Chinese TDs coming to World of Tanks on February 13!

Chinese "On Track" Event

Get discounts and boosts up the brand new Chinese TD line, and all other Chinese branches up to tier X, February 13-25!

Fatherland Earn Op

Starting February 19 and through to the end of the month, take your battle skills to the next level to unlock the Fatherland Premium tank completely FREE!

Ranked Battles

Climb into your favorite tier X and wreck enemies in the first Ranked Battles event of the year, with exciting prizes including boosts, War Chests, and more!


February 6-25

Battle Heroes: Tankbowl Tryouts
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