Join Our Extra Life Charity Marathon on November 3!

25 hours of solid gameplay in support of Extra Life!

On November 3rd, 2018 at 8AM Central Time, Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore will be streaming and playing World of Tanks for 25 hours for the Extra Life Charity Marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Extra Life is a 25-hour gaming event with one goal: to generate backing and awareness for local children’s hospitals via the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore team is on a mission to help save kids through video games, and is accepting donations! This year the team’s goal is set at $5,000. 

Stream activities

  • Live Q&A’s with the Wargaming staff
  • World of Tanks Console developer interviews
  • World of Tanks Console developer presentations
  • Twitch Chat challenges
  • Charity donations race
  • Collaborations with our Community Contributors
  • Platoon with the community sessions
  • Tanking after dark
  • Game events
  • And even more!



Tank giveaways

  • Boulder
  • Turtle
  • Trinity Mk II
  • Fortress Ferdinand
  • Bear KV-122
  • Citadel Tiger I
  • Slayer SU-152
  • Guardian STG
  • Minuteman
  • Bizon
  • Warlord Panther
  • Atomic Centurion
  • Kirovets
  • Chrysler K
  • Banshee
  • Tiger
  • Yazi


Other giveaways

  • 7 days of Premium time packages
  • 30 days of Premium time packages
  • World of Tanks: Mercenaries t-shirts


In-Game Events

Bounty event! (Only available during the 25-hour stream)

Destroy a Bounty Tank in a battle to instantly earn (1) x5 XP Boost, (1) Large First Aid Kit, (1) x2 XP Boost! All Bounty Tanks are Wargaming employees and community contributors from around the globe, so have fun destroying them!

Bounty Tanks will be on both Xbox and PlayStation 4, and using different Tiers throughout the event.

What's a bounty?

During the course of the 25-hour marathon, if a player destroys an enemy bounty, he/she will receive a reward regardless of winning or losing the match. 

Other players in the game will know who the Bounty Tanks are, as they are given distinct camouflage and a HUD marker to identify them as a Bounty. The GOLD camouflage is specific to the bounty participant and overwrites their camouflage regardless of whether or not the environment is woodland, desert, or arctic. 

The game HUD icon will display a gold glow around it to highlight the bounty from everyone else. The 'golden glow' will be represented in the mini-map, overview map, and scoreboard at the top of the player screen. 

Extra Life Marathon 2018

Goals Rewards Restrictions

Extra Life Marathon 2018 Bounty Event

  • Destroy a Bounty Tank in battle.
  • x5 XP Boost Op ( 1 )
  • Large First Aid Kit ( 1 )
  • x2 XP Boost Op ( 1 )
  • Available during the Extra Life 2018 marathon.

Marathon Op

  • Earn 5,000 XP or more XP in any number of battles.
  • x2 XP Boost Op ( 1 )
  • Available 24 times per account.

Complete the Marathon Op

  • Complete the Marathon Op 24 times in one day.
  • Extra Life Medal
  • 3 days of Premium
  • x3 XP Boost Ops ( 5 )
  • Available once per account.

Get some coffee and mark your calendars! Extra Life goes live in our World of Tanks Console Twitch channel on Saturday, November 3rd, 8:00 am (Central Time) with 25 hours of World of Tanks action all the way through until Sunday, November 4th, 8:00am (Central Time)!

Please visit the Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore Extra Life Team Page for donations and more information.

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