Discounts: 50% off the Primo Victoria and the Bear and 30% off awesome Bundles!

Check out this week's additions to the Premium Tech Tree and save 50% on two awesome Premium vehicles!

Every Tuesday, get a massive 50% off some of the most powerful Premium vehicles in the game in our Deal of the Week bundles, accessible through the in-game 'Store' tab. Additionally, every week there are permanent new additions to the Premium Tech Tree, giving collectors and thrill-seekers the chance to get their hands on rare and powerful vehicles (including Hero tanks). Access the Premium Tech Tree via the 'Tanks' tab in your Garage to see what's new!

13 Aug
09:01 Local Time
20 Aug
08:59 Local Time

Deals of the Week: Primo Victoria and the Bear KV-122

Get 50% off our featured tanks for one week only! 

The Primo Victoria is the elite, born to compete and never retreat! The flexibility of the Medium Tank class is combined with superior spotting and built-in camouflage bonuses. This Swedish Pagan celebrates our cooperation with the legendary band Sabaton and feels like it was forged in Valhalla by the Hammer of Thor.

Fan of the Soviet Tanks and of the Heavy class? Then have we got a treat for you! The Bear KV-122 makes use of its powerful gun, with improved aim time (even when moving) to obliterate the opposition. Combined with a strong engine, it offers superior control to either defend or execute hit-and-run tactics more easily than its fellow Heavies.

  • Swedish Tier VIII Primo Victoria Medium Tank
  • Joakim Brodén Crew
  • Brothers in Arms Skill
  • Crew Voucher
  • Flag Voucher


50% Savings!

  • Soviet Tier VII Bear KV-122 Heavy Tank 
  • Crew Voucher
  • Flag Voucher


50% Savings!

Premium Tech Tree Additions (August 13)

Sentinel AC IV Experimental available for 3,550Gold

G’day Commanders! Allow us to introduce the Sentinel AC IV Experimental: A British Medium created on the basis of the AC 1 tank with a modified, fast turning turret and a fast 17-pounder gun. This Premium vehicle comes with a + 30% bonus XP earn and a + 22% bonus Silver earn

Banshee Comet available for 7,900Gold

The Banshee Comet will make your opponents shriek in terror! Control its fast turning turret, superior spotting and aim time to unleash terror upon the Battlefield! Comes with a + 20% bonus XP earn and a + 60% bonus Silver earn.

 Bundles of the Week! Enjoy this week's handpicked bundles at 30% off!

Victory can be achieved in stages as much as with a good strategy. Here’s an example:

Stage 1: Start by weakening your opponent with the Sexton I and 105 leFH18B2 Artillery

Stage 2: Scout the terrain with the Cromwell Snakebite Light Tank for enemy activity. The Revenant Kraft's Panther Medium Tank will provide close support should things get ugly.

Stage 3: Once enemy contact has been established, initiate attack protocol with the FV201 (A45) Heavy Tank to crush and intimidate the opposition, before delivering the mercy blow with the Dicker Max Tank Destroyer.

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with a 100% trained Crew, their own Garage slot, and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

  • American Tier III Sexton I Artillery 
  • French Tier V 105 leFH18B2 Artillery
  • 3 Days of Premium
  • x3 XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x4 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)


30% Savings!

  • British Tier VII FV201 (A45) Heavy Tank 

  • German Tier VI Dicker Max Tank Destroyer
  • 3 Days of Premium
  • x3 XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x4 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)


30% Savings!

  • British Tier VI Cromwell Snakebite Light Tank 
    • Simon Linnet Crew
    • Snakebite Skill
  • German Tier VII Revenant Kraft's Panther Medium Tank
    • Karl Kraft Crew
    • Supply Conservation Skill
  • 3 Days of Premium
  • x3 XP Boost Ops (5)
  • x4 Crew XP Boost Ops (5)


30% Savings!

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