Deals of the Week + Premium Tech Tree Additions for April 9

Check out this week's additions to the Premium Tech Tree, and save 50% on two awesome Premium vehicles!

Every Tuesday, get a massive 50% off on some of the most powerful Premium vehicles in the game in our Deal of the Week bundles, accessible through the in-game 'Store' tab. Additionally, every week there are permanent new additions to the Premium Tech Tree, giving collectors and thrill-seekers the chance to get their hands on rare and powerful vehicles (including Hero tanks). Access the Premium Tech Tree via the 'Tanks' tab in your Garage to see what's new!

09 Apr
09:01 Local Time
16 Apr
08:59 Local Time

Deals of the Week: Guardian STG and Nomad Somua SM

Get 50% off our featured tanks for one week only! The Guardian STG has an incredibly accurate weapon, with a strong turret giving it the confidence to tackle enemies head-on. The Nomad Somua SM has a swift, powerful gun, and excellent hull armor, making this French Heavy Tank one to own or watch out for on the battlefield.

  • Soviet Tier VIII Guardian STG Medium Tank
  • 1 Crew Customization Voucher


50% Savings!

  • French Tier VIII Nomad Somua SM Heavy Tank
  • 1 Crew Customization Voucher


50% Savings!

Premium Tech Tree Additions (April 9)

British Bulldog Churchill VII available for 6,360Gold

Dunkirk spirit runs through every part of this vehicle, which comes straight from the pages of Dark Horse Comics. Never surrender, and give your enemies a taste of British steel with this heavyweight hero.

Centennial T95 available for 10,000Gold

Fight for queen and country with the Centennial T95! This tank is swathed in dark camouflage, barbed wire, and sandbags, essentially making it a mobile bunker.

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