Battle Heroes: Medal Militia

11 jun

 Time for Heroes!

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Most Brothers In Arms and Crucial Contribution medals earned using Tier X vehicles

XBOX: xXNexossXx with 7 medals earned!
PS4: SASHAPOZDNYAKOV with 5 medals earned!



-NS- with 1,110!
2KWN8 with 1,041!
DUKS with 1,014!
UP with 1,007!
SNACE with 1,003!


1R with 1,056!
_CRO_ with 1,017!
MERCV with 998!
KAPPA with 993!
-W- with 977!


Q&A Heroes

You had mentioned that the King Tiger would be put on the schedule to be sold separately. Any closer on a date?

In the upcoming months.

I heard that we won’t get the 357 matchmaking with 4.5? Instead, we get a different one right?

The 9.20.1 server update that brings new matchmaking was moved to 4.6 and will have modifications beyond what the PC game implemented.

When will we see newer Premiums such as the M4 Thunderbolt VII, Loza M4, Somua SM, ELC EVEN 90, T92 L, AMX CDA 105 and Centurion 5/1?

Some of the newer premiums will make their Console debuts in the course of the current year.

Any ETA on a way to share raw replay files between players?

I’m sincerely hoping before the end of the year. The server team at our Big World office is assigned to work on it.

Can we have more unique premium tank content and not a new reskin every other month?

Yep, we have a lot of new tanks in store for you.

Can more raw/detailed stats be released for tanks in regards to vehicle changes or the lack thereof?

More data never seems to change people’s opinion on certain tanks no matter how often we publish it. There’s no current method or tool that would allow us to publish all of the data. Maybe tank balance could be a future live stream to address some of these questions.

Is there a new low tier Chinese (Tier III, IV or V) premium tank anywhere on the horizon?

Nothing planned for this year that I know of.

Will we see more special crews like the Sabaton crew? Maybe some special WG staff crew pictures and voices?

Actually very soon.


Video Heroes

Shout-out to: IND00R MAN and MissRayWOTXBOX!

Tank Heroes

Shout-out to: Andrew Chopper Meir, JD Gaming, and Greg Shane!