Battle Heroes: New Year, New Q&A!

4 jan 17

Happy New Year, everyone! We're back with more community recaps. Peruse the latest Q&A and battle videos!


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Are there plans to add Clan Wars to PS4? - VIP-NicK

We're currently working on implementing tournaments. Anything we do for Clans would be built on top of that.

Any update on wheeled vehicles? - karpiu211

Nothing new to report, but we may have time this year to consider them.

Are there plans to allow players to customize their tanks with "wiggly bits?" - MaxChaos24

Yes, we plan to allow more placements and sizing for emblems and descriptions, as well as custom equipment, accessories and flags.

In a prior article, you mentioned that the team was looking into tournaments. Any update?  -MaxChaos24

Work on tournaments is going pretty well. We should be able to test them in Supertest right away.

Will Ranked Battles always be solo? Or can we expect a Team Ranked Battles mode. - MaxChaos24

We're just not sure yet. We're still testing the system and looking into what we can do to better match individuals. Once we're happy with that, it's possible we'll move onto Platoons and full teams.

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