Battle Heroes: Mastery at Its Finest

7 sep 17

The World of Tanks community is filled to the brim with exceptional tankers! Check out the ones that caught our eye this week.



Highest Average XP Earned in a Tier X Vehicle While in a Platoon

XBOX: Ghost of Gera with 1,185!
PS4: mn_suzu_220 with 1,114!

CLAN HEROES: Average XP Earned


47TH with 1,012!
7F with 997!
UNL with 982!
2G4U with 975!
OWS with 962!


UN with 1,036!
KAPPA with 1,032!
1R with 1,021!
TC_ with 1,011!
0Z with 999!


Any plans to make the War Stories tanks available for Multiplayer?

No plans at this time, since they already have counterparts on the tech tree or in the Premium Shop.

Do you think the Captured KV-1 and the T34-88 will be available in the near future?

They'll be showing up towards the end of the year; keep an eye out!

When will we see another fun event like TOG Boat or Toy Tank?

Halloween is just around the corner...

Could we be able to customize a Crew's nation?

If you mean changing the nation, there are no plans at this time.

What is the average survival rate of each tank class by tier? (Excluding Premium tanks)

Allow us to show you:

Survival rate in seconds

Tier I

Medium Tanks: 188.02

Light Tanks: 177.09 



Tier III

Artillery: 232.45

Tank Destroyers: 189.08

Heavy Tanks: 177.61

Medium Tanks: 169.13

Light Tanks: 159.48

Tier V

Artillery: 282.15

Tank Destroyers: 238.14

Heavy Tanks: 237.5

Medium Tanks: 209.32

Light Tanks: 189.97

Tier VII

Artillery: 316.58

Tank Destroyers: 275.57

Heavy Tanks: 272.1

Medium Tanks: 251.2

Light Tanks: 220.71

Tier IX

Artillery: 347.1

Tank Destroyers: 321.4

Heavy Tanks: 296.1

Medium Tanks: 284.4

Tier II

Artillery: 199.7

Light Tanks: 169.47

Medium Tanks: 161.89

Tank Destroyers: 158.54 

Tier IV

Artillery: 260.56

Tank Destroyers: 220.34

Heavy Tanks: 213.6

Medium Tanks: 203.34

Light Tanks: 182.86

Tier VI

Artillery: 298.2

Tank Destroyers: 259.3

Heavy Tanks: 253.3

Medium Tanks: 230.5

Light Tanks: 195.2


Artillery: 329

Tank Destroyers: 302.54

Heavy Tanks: 284.94

Medium Tanks: 270.78

Light Tanks: 254.27

Tier X

Artillery: 357.7

Tank Destroyers: 327.2

Heavy Tanks: 310.4

Medium Tanks: 300.3

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