Battle Heroes: Back to Battlefield Fireworks!

10 jul 17

You had your fun in the sun this past July 4th weekend, but it's time to get back into the mix of things. Battle Heroes is back with another installment of weekly heroes, the latest Q&A and battle highlights!

Battle Hero of the week

Most "Devastator," "Radley Walters" & "Pool's" Medals Earned in a Tier X Vehicle

XBOX: A Clutch Force with 7 Medals earned!
shadow_wings with 6 Medals earned!

Clan HeroeS


-R- with a clan average XP of 1,088!
BCKPK with a clan average XP of 1,071!
TNG- with a clan average XP of 1,046!
-MEOW with a clan average XP of 1,036!
-RC with a clan average XP of 1,027!


1R with a clan average XP of 1,050!
NS with a clan average XP of 1,040!
UP with a clan average XP of 1,001!
SAS_ with a clan average XP of 985!
MERCV with a clan average XP of 973!


World of Tanks Blitz re-balanced Premium rounds recently. Will we see a similar change to World of Tanks Console?

We'll certainly ask to see their data to analyze and evaluate the results of the change over time.

Can you fix Northwest? The north western corner has some issues.

A work ticket as been filed and assigned out.

Why are we unable to earn Marks of Excellence on tier V vehicles or lower?

A very good question that has a terrible answer. That's how we inherited it from World of Tanks PC. We assume it's to keep experienced players from playing in low tier games to get them and ruining the experience for newer players. We can ask though.

In what order will the following be introduced: new German heavy tanks, Swedish line, and tier X light tanks?

The order here is exactly how the roadmap looks. Some things may change due to promotion planning.

Any opinions on the artillery stun mechanic, and if we'll see it?

We like the changes to artillery on World of Tanks PC. We'll need to study the results of the changes in-depth before deciding.

Any plans to introduce unlockable camouflage patterns?

We just introduced a voucher system to the "Customize" items so we can award them in Ops and other methods.

Video heroes