Battle Heroes: Up and Atom!

15 may 17

We hope you're up and at 'em in points earned for the "American Dream Machines" Op! Remember that some of the rarest American Premium vehicles are up for grabs, so let us know which you've already got (or plan to get)! 

Battle Hero of the week

Most U.S. vehicles destroyed using a tier X vehicle.

XBOX: P lR ED AT O IR with 317 vehicles destroyed
PS4: Rti_che with 293 vehicles destroyed

Clan HeroeS


7F with an average of 1,093 Clan XP
MERCV with an average of 1,039 Clan XP
GUTS with an average of 1,029 Clan XP
NL with an average of 1,028 Clan XP
FEAR- with an average of 1,016 Clan XP


1R with an average of 1,012 Clan XP
UP with an average of 995 Clan XP
ENS with an average of 965 Clan XP
W with an average of 952 Clan XP
NBS with an average of 949 Clan XP


How'd the last Ranked Battles go?

Great, but not without a few hiccups. 86,000 Ranked Battles were played in total. The new UI received a good response, and feedback on scoring helped improve it, though it's not perfect. Over 35,000 players placed in an awarding League. Players who participated in at least the Silver League or above got over tens of thousands of dollars of in-game prizes among them.

Would we be able to get Oddball's Sherman in the game?

Great idea! We'll look into licensing possibilities for that.

Is there a process for reporting unsportsmanlike game play?

Right now, that can only be reported through your console's user reporting system. The rules of conduct on each platform are controlled by the user agreement. We do use automated processes and other observations to police AFK-ers and team killing.

Are we ever going to able to use Free XP to train our Crews?

Yep, that's in development now.

How many more nations are planned for the game?

At least one more this year; however, many ideas are being discussed.

Could we ever see the ability to make our own maps?

No pipeline for that right now. Perhaps we could hold a map design contest where players submit their ideas, and we'll make the winning map. But again, no plans.

Will you be adding PC's Thunderbolt tank?

Just saw this on PC and it's pretty cool. I'm sure we'll get it soon.

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