Battle Heroes: An Expected Inquisition

17 apr 17

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Most "Fire for Effect", "Confederate", and "High Caliber" Medals Earned in One Week

XBOX: Twnety9Dollars with 321 Medals!
PS4: SokolTom with 311 Medals!

Clan Heroes


-RC with an average of 1,130Clan XP!
7F with an average of 1,66 Clan XP!
RTR with an average of 1,062 Clan XP!
FEAR- with an average of 1,059 Clan XP!
TNG- with an average of 1,028 Clan XP!


1R with an average of 1,023 Clan XP!
V with an average of 1,005 Clan XP!
UP with an average of 990 Clan XP!
ENS with an average of 970 Clan XP!
POG with an average of 964 Clan XP!


Why is Crew XP displayed as a percentage instead of actual XP amount?

Using those big numbers is ugly from a UI standpoint.

 Is there a timeframe for the Object 252 or AMX mle. 49?

No date for the Object 252 yet, but the AMX is set for July.

Can we expect a new artillery line?

There’s no work happening right now on a new artillery line.

In some screenshots, we see a “ping” number displayed. Is this something we can have in the game?

Certification requirements prevent us from putting technical or debug text onscreen. We’re working on another method of showing ping.

What was the inspiration behind the black stripe on HMH ISU-130? Was it historical or just a way to differentiate it from the white stripe on the ISU-122S? 

We’re pretty sure it was from a reference photo. We can check with Andy D (Art Lead) once he’s back from vacation. 

Tales of Glory

Click the screens below to learn each tanker's epic tale! 



Video heroes