Battle Heroes: Physics is Fun

20 mar 17

Studying physics can be tough, but using them for some World of Tanks shenanigans is much easier (and more fun)! Check out one tanker's collection of physics feats while catching up on the weekly roundup! 


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Fun with Physics

User Warthog II is having a blast with the World of Tanks’ physics and created a collection of GIFs documenting his deeds!

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Tank madness: week three

Team Japan advances to the "Final IV!"

Japan: 49,807 Vs. Czechoslovakia: 33,521


Highest Average XP Earned Via Tier X French Vehicle

XBOX: xXx_RBS87_xXxwith 1,145 XP!
PS4: drwiaderko with 1,105 XP!

Clan Heroes


7F with an average of 1,105 Clan XP!
TNG- with an average of 1,061 Clan XP! 
-RC with an average of 1,059 Clan XP!
IMTLS with an average of 1,012 Clan XP!
FMR with an average of 1,008 Clan XP!


1R with an average of 979 Clan XP!
POG with an average of 976 Clan XP!
-UXP- with an average of 963 Clan XP!
ALONE with an average of 954 Clan XP!
-OOO- with an average of 950 Clan XP!


Any thoughts on Clan members sending Silver/Gold to each other?

We're hoping to add gifting to the Store soon. Fund transfers are tricky because laws vary by state and country, so direct currency transfer isn't likely. 

Could we get a percentage breakdown of daily player averages by region?


ASIA: 6.42%
CIS: 10.37% 
EMEA: 0.45%
EU: 38.54%
LATAM: 4.46%
NA: 39.76%

When will we see M4A1 Revalorisé and Rheinmetall Skorpion G?

Early and late summer, respectively.  

Are there any plans for Clan-created emblems?

Not currently. Integrating user-created content on console is very difficult.

Any hints on upcoming features in the works?

Just to name some: Customizable Crews, Ranked Battle changes, tournaments, new tank customization options, new achievements, female crews, national crew voices, audio upgrade, improved AI, Co-Op, and more! 

Tales of Glory

Click the screens below to learn each tanker's epic tale! 

Community Creations

Greywoolfe64's Custom RC Tiger 1

general potatox's Personal Model Collection

Video heroes