Battle Heroes: Anniversary Bash!

13 feb 17

Our Anniversary and Valentank's celebrations are in full swing! Join the fun and check out our weekly round up of player scores, community content, and Dev Q&A! 


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Anniversary bash!

How long have you been tanking? Join the Anniversary discussion and share your fondest World of Tanks memories.

Here's to many more years of awesome tanker action! 



Most Damage in a Single Battle Dealt via Artillery

XBOX: cpt skellan with 9,646 damage
PS4: InffeR with 9,925 damage

Clan Heroes


-RC with an average of 1,084 Clan XP!
F7 with an average of 1,023 Clan XP! 
TNG- with an average of 1,019 Clan XP!
VSP with an average of 1,012 Clan XP!
-NL- with an average of 986 Clan XP!


-NS- with an average of 1,113 Clan XP!
RUOFF with an average of 1,058 Clan XP!
DEWITT with an average of 1,022 Clan XP!
NOJOB with an average of 998 Clan XP!
1R with an average of 984 Clan XP!


Are there any plans for a Canadian flag-skinned Ram II? 

We're thinking a Canadian-themed tank would be cooler if it were a Grizzly. 

Has the RNG changed for artillery?

Nope. There haven't been any changes have been made since the game's launch. 

Is custom button mapping a possibility

It's possible in theory, but 70% of players use the default option and the rest use the second configuration option. More pre-set configs could happen. What type of configurations do you want?

What were the numbers for TankBowl?

Team USA had 36,166 players and Team Germany had 39,064. There were 175,182 Team USA completions and 204,573 Team Germany completions. Tiger I and T29 were the two most-played tanks.

Tales of glory

Click the Victory screens below to learn each tanker's epic tale! 

Video heroes