Battle Heroes: Post-Holiday Recovery

10 jan 17

Tanksmas approaches! Check out the latest in ornaments, battle rankings, and juicy development details while you prepare for holiday havoc! 


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Ornament contest WINNERs

Congratulations to:

dark venator
Gnrls Mistress

All five winners are getting an AMX Chaffe and seven days of Premium Time! 

You can check out everyone's entries in the Ornament Contest thread!


Highest Spot Assist Points in a Single Match

XBOX: WTH HOSTAGE with 10,299!
PS4: Mr_Green_13 with 9,951!

Clan Heroes


MAT6 with an average of 1,216 Clan XP!
7F with an average of 1,125 Clan XP! 
TNG- with an average of 1,066 Clan XP!
-NL- with an average of 1,024 Clan XP!
-4CB with an average of 1,020 Clan XP!


ENS with an average of 1,032 Clan XP!
-UU- with an average of 1,026 Clan XP!
1R with an average of 1,010 Clan XP!
RUOFF with an average of 950 Clan XP!
_UNIQ with an average of 944 Clan XP!


Can we get a monthly report on over/underperforming tanks at different tiers?

Even with our data tracking and reporting, sifting through all our data to make sense of it is very time-consuming. However, tackling a single class and tier per month is reasonable.

Can you put a cap on the number of TDs and Heavy tanks per team to 5?

We're looking at a number of matchmaking improvements this year, but with caution. Even a single added rule makes matchmaking more complex and can increase wait time. 

Can 4-5 member Platoons be matched against each other so they're the same tier?

That already happens if there are enough matching players in the queue. Unbalanced Platoon matchups happen when a matching platoon isn't available.  

Tales of glory

Click the Victory Screens below to learn each tanker's epic tale! 

Video heroes