Community Heroes #48: Contest Winners and Videos

To help celebrate the return of Lunar Mode , we held a little contest. Read on for a look at the great winning entires!


Battle Hero of the Week

Most Epic Achievements Earned while using Tier X Tanks: zXtRa played some amazing games this week earning eight Epic Achievements!

Tanks on the Moon contest Winners

Here's the top winners from our Tanks on the Moon contest !

First Place: YoungestBike679

Second Place: NightFox19

Third Place: MadPixelPusha

Fourth Place: BAD ROBOT PL

Fifth Place: KOLINtheGREAT

Cake Art



Get involved by signing up on the forums and then contributing to the community! We’re always looking for videos, streams, fan art, tales of glory and anything else that would be interesting to your fellow tankers! Don’t forget that lots of tankers hang out over on reddit and Facebook as well!

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