Battle Heroes: Top-Tier US & UK Commanders

Watch out for these top-tier commanders on the battlefield. Plus, get answers to some players' questions!



Highest average XP using American and British tier X vehicles

XBOX: XVII 2Fame4U DE with 1,172!
PS4: Mr-Deew55 with 1,209!



-GS- with 1,057!
7F with 1,048!
-UNL- with 1,029!
DUKS with 1,024!
DB- with 1,023!


KAPPA with 1,063!
URBAN with 1,037!
-W- with 1,009!
UP with 1,007!
_CRO_ with 1,002!

Q&A Heroes

Are there any plans to add reusable consumables?

Not at this time, since we took a different path long ago and added the ability to have multiple of the same consumable.

When can have useable machine gun on tanks, as a second weapon than the main gun?

Multiple functional turrets has been desired for a long time. PC recently took on changing the server code to allow for multiple turrets. As soon as we upgrade to that version, we can start implementing it.

When can we expect to see the tier X Chinese heavy tank, WZ-111 Model 5A on console?

I don’t have the exact date yet, but I can bet it will be right around Chinese New Year.

Will we get the T26E5?

Pretty early in 2018... Like really early.

Any chance we can get an update on "wiggly bits"? I’m dying to get the opportunity to make my tanks look unique.

The first part of "wiggly bits" will be custom flags which will released before the end of the year. The rest of them are TBD, based on how custom flags do.

Any thoughts on developing WoT console as a streaming business model? Instead of having the console render every frame, have all data processing occur server side, and treat the console as essentially a terminal - streaming the game onto the console, while accepting control inputs only. This would require a strong, low latency connection, but with services like PS Now and whatever equivalent MS is developing, it appears doable with the current generation. By doing this, you eliminate upper processing power and high hard drive space requirement.

We’ve discussed it and have shipped with the technology on a previous game. Server costs are very expensive and more players than not lack the connection to support it. Having lag and input lag with even the best connections is frustrating in a shooter game. I’m sure, in time, costs will come down as technological advances like fiber become more widespread, making this more viable for a shooter game.

What changes, if any, are you planning to make for War Stories? Aside from adjusting XP and Silver earnings, I don't believe we've heard much about them since Kennedy's War.

We're planning to change earnings, take another look at challenge mode, add more AI and gameplay options, and make more War Stories, of course.

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