Battle Heroes: Intimidating Commanders

Watch out for these formidable tankers, in case you find them on the red team!



Most Damage Caused Using a Tier X Vehicle

XBOX: TAKTuKa PyJIuT with 2,189,690 damage!
PS4: metebalaneles with 1,607,494 damage!



TOX with 1,068!
7F with 1,020!
DB- with 1,003
FNX with 998!
USB with 968!


PQRS with 1,095!
KAPPA with 1,042!
MERCV with 1,032!
-U- with 1,009!
1R with 1,005!

Q&A Heroes

How long do I have to wait until the regular LeKpz M 41 90mm version is sold?

How about less than four weeks from today?

Why do you not show the Crew XP awarded in the PBRS detailed report? Everything else is shown there, why not the Crew XP awarded?

There’s a whole lot more information players have requested to add to the PBRS stats. We’re currently doing a complete redesign of those screens so we can add that all in.

Why do we lose Premium Time we paid for when we are not logged in?

Premium time is basically as subscription for X number of days and can be used as much as you want during those days on any tank. For shorter, non timed based multipliers there are Premium tanks and Boost Ops.

Can we have a permanent bounty?

I’m not really happy with the current bounty feature and how it's represented. I want to go back to the drawing board on that, make it more of an infection mode, so both teams can participate and improve the look first.

Will there be more purchasable Premium/Hero Crews in the future?

Absolutely, they’ve been a big hit and I need to get my two dogs in there somehow.

Is there going to be smoke screens that you can launch from the tanks?

Smoke grenades are high on the wish list but work has not started on them as of yet.

Video Heroes


Replay Heroes

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Tank Heroes

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