Battle Heroes - Excellent Assistance

Give thanks to these tier X players for their incredible track assists!



Highest Average Track Assist Damage in a Tier X Tank

XBOX: AradhaldonElite with an average spotting damage of 472!
PS4: ElJasso88 with an average spotting damage of 521!



FIFTH with 1,060!
7F with 1,054!
FNX with 1,035
DB- with 1,031!
-WTH- with 1,018!


-CRY- with 1,038!
1R with 1,038!
RM with 1,029!
UP with 1,022!
-U- with 1,018!

Q&A Heroes

Thank you for fixing the progress for the Mastery Badges and Marks of Excellence. Will you be implementing the same system with fixes, or will you keep the "previous version" we have right now?

The current fix was inelegant We plan to restore it to the previous system, with fixes, which should bring things back to what everyone is used to.

Why is there so much secrecy when discussing World of Tanks Console?

Our representatives in the forums and social media are not allowed to speak of future plans, even if they're aware of them. We're pretty open as developers though, and recently posted most of the plans for the rest of 2017 and early 2018 ( Blog Post #22 ), and we regularly do streams and these weekly Q&As. There are some things, like major product launches, that we need to stay mum about, so Marketing and PR can do their jobs.

When will the T-34-88 be available for purchase?

Roughly around the end of November.

On Xbox One X, are all tanks and map textures rendered in 4K?

The November 2 update enables 4K resolution for the game plus full HDR support, running at 30fps. All tanks and maps have HD textures and high-poly models.

Any plans to replace the T110E4 or add a third tier X US tank destroyer?

No current plans like that, though we're always open to suggestions!

Video Heroes

Art Heroes


hincul PL

Tank Heroes

New French Heavy Metal Heroes - AMX 13 57, AMX M4 mle. 49
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