Battle Heroes: Hot August Fights

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Most Billotte's and De Langlade's Medals Earned Using Tier X Tanks

XBOX: l Feastiality l with 1 medal earned!
PS4: Shysrick with 1 medal earned!



DB- with an average of 1071 XP!
7F with an average of 1049 XP!
ML-S with an average of 998 XP!
-LS with an average of 993 XP!
TNG- with an average of 992 XP!


POG with an average of 1004 XP !
UP with an average of 992 XP !
1R with an average of 990 XP !
TGCT with an average of 989 XP !
-UU- with an average of 988 XP!

Q&A Heroes

Will the Tiger 131 ever be sold again?

Yes, we'll be selling the Tiger 131 again, look for it to return this Fall!

Will the Dunkirk tanks be sold again or will they be like the Fury and only available for a limited time during the promotion?

Yes, the Dunkirk tanks will be sold again as they are not limited by a license.

Will you be adding Chinese TD's?

Chinese TDs are in a future upgrade from PC, so we’ll eventually get them.

When will we get the VK 45.03?

No promises, but possibly in Fall.

Video Heroes

Tales of Glory

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